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[Todo iOS] Take a Photo to Create a Task / Attach a Photo to a Task

The idea on this one would be to either create a task with a photo only and/or be able to attach a photo to a task. We'll need to figure out the specifics of what this would mean for synchronizing the photos around to your different devices, but we think it's an idea worth pursuing.

An example of using this in practice would be when you see something cool at a store that you want to later review as a birthday present later. You'd launch Todo, tap a photo button, and you could be reminded later.

Let us know how you'd like to use photos in conjunction with your tasks.

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Any update from Appigo on whether this will happen anytime soon?

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This is a feature I love about Evernote. I can snap pictures of items for a little reference, or I can take a picture of a hand written note or a Post-it note. And add them all into any task I wish. Evernote is great for collecting data, but it is a terrible task. If you can add this feature to ToDo-Cloud, it would be the best on the market.
I understand this is complex issue. All due respect, I wonder if it's a priority for Appigo since this thread is over 2 years old and it's still being discussed on a somewhat begging number of posts from users all saying resoundingly YES, we need to attach files. I a program to save passwords and sensitive data, SplashID, which is like 1Password. SplasID has had attachments allowed for years and like Todo, has a cloud capability to sync multiple devices. Surely Appigo can too. 2 years seems a long time to still be having exploratory cursory discussion. Again no offense. Without knowing all details, I wonder how they have this feature and Appigo is still
For me as a pro photographer, simply a MUST feature!
I had 'no' as an aswer last year so I am relieve that this topic is surfacing again. I was told that it's very complex and a lot of hard work so hopefully user inputs are valued and considered compelling enough to justify it's inclusion ;)
I'm waiting for this feature, too!

I'd really see the feature to add attachments incorporated with ToDo.  Be it pictures, files, or emails.  A friend is a big fan of Wunderlist - which I don't think is as nice as ToDo, and is lacking decent contexts/tags - but does have the ability to attach files.   

I'm not holding out hope, since the last post to the thread was over a year ago.  

Thanks... and I hope you add the feature


The addition of this feature is very complex. There are many different methods and approaches to adding this. We do hope to add this feature in the future, but at this time we do not have a time line for when it will be included.


THIS THREAD has been going for several months now.  Has anyone from Appigo weighed in on whether this will happen in one form or another?  Please let us know!  Thanks!  

I had always wanted this feature to be in. It is particularly useful when you are out hunting for something or doing shopping. Capturing an image of a product saves time as there is no retyping required :)

This would be AMAZING for remembering presents, sending someone to the store to get exactly what you want, etc.  Please please add this!

Patrick- Amen! and thank you for your extensive explanation that I wholeheartedly agree with. A picture can tell a thousand words. What I've been doing in the interim is having photos in Dropbox and copying the link and pasting it into ToDo and then tapping on the link it takes me back to DB...cumbersome,doable, but unnecessary considering that Appigo is savvy enough to come up with a more elegant solution of their own. I wish they were more transparent about what they were working on, even without giving any ETAs. Even Things has a Status page that at least shows you they're working on stuff. Oh well. 

This would be I feel the last significant feature that would be needed for todo to take off like a rocket. I would recommend it to every person I know and guarantee 10-20% of people would sign up for the cloud service. What really holds others and myself from getting the most out of this app is the ability to quickly input the relevant information I need related to my to dos, projects, and even just "Stuff I want to have handy" (reference).

First todos (because this is a GTD app). I would say 50% of my activities in todo would be dramatically enhanced by pictures. A couple examples: 

  1. A lightbulb burns out in the freezer (happened yesterday) I just snap a picture of the bulb and say "Get a new freezer bulb" - gone are the days of trying to record the necessary information about the type/wattage/voltage and ultimately getting that wrong while at home depot and having nothing but a dumb look for the guy helping me when he says "well what does it look like"
  2. Someone hands me a scribbled list of things to get a the store. Snap "Get this at the store" - gone are the days of rewriting the whole list!
  3. I want to record a lot of information quickly as a todo - Buy book (Snap picture of cover or computer screen image of it), get computer fixed (snap picture of error message and computer sticker with all of the model identification markings, remember this recipe (snap picture of it), buy this scented candle that my friend had that I liked (snap a picture of the bottom).
  4. Doing research about a new car/tv/big ticket item you want to get. I usually put a couple weeks or months into this process depending. Often I'll see a model I like, a consumer reports info graphic that has information I want to remember, or maybe i'll take measurements (for a tv say) and scribble them down on a piece of paper. If I could just snap a picture of all of this it would be SO much easier than either 1.) taking down detailed notes in which I risk leaving something out 2) or keeping the physical stuff all in one place.
  5. From a project standpoint often when you're doing something more complicated like buying/renting a house/apartment, taking care of an open legal mater, renewing a passport/car registration there are many steps when you need to 1 document everything and 2 have both handy and in one place. Sometimes you'll get a call when you're not home/at the office and need to pull up a legal document, a copy of a check you wrote, a letter you mailed, a form you filled out, or something like that - pictures (and more robustly attachments in general) would enable to always have all the material related to every project at your fingertips. This would enable people to 1.) be able to access information anywhere any time 2.) keep all that information extremely organized
  6. Medical care - 99% of the population doesn't have an MD and doesn't really understand what is happening when a medical issue arrises. That issue is compounded when its a elderly parent being cared for by one or more of their children. Having a photo feature in this app would enable people to snap photos of their prescriptions, of their charts, of their appointment reminder cards, of their insurance cards, of any forms, doctor's business cards, even potentially the xrays/MRIs. Since list's can be shared all this could be happening on a "Grandma's medical care list" which is shared with her husband and 2 grown children that care of her. Now EVERYONE has all of the information about Grandma's treatment. If you see a new doctor and they have a question about a past medication, condition, treatment, doctor it will all be in once place.
  7. Lastly when something breaks around the house I have no idea what I need to fix it and I usually can't explain it. I always take a picture of the issue and go to home depot and they help me out. With this app I could just say "Fix broken (Blank)" and snap a picture and VOLLA - i have all the information I need to tell an expert what my problem is.

Now this is less "To do" like but totally GTD. If Todo had this function, it could serve as your backed up/synced/accessible anywhere in the world on any computer version of all of your critical documents - it could be your one source GTD digital reference repository.

I have pictures of my drivers license, passport, car and health insurance, registration, SS card and EVERY other important document you can imagine as well as pictures of receipts for significant purchases. That is all well an good that I now have a digital copy of my drivers license for example - but its now swimming in the ocean of my 10k other photos on my iPhone. Until its identifiable its like it isn't there. I have to take them off my phone, save them on a cloud shared service like dropbox with a title like "Driver's license".  If I could snap a picture with todo, type a brief description of what it is, AND have it sync (ie backup) with a trusted service that I can access not just incredibly easily from my phone but from any computer in the world. Think about it - all of a sudden every important document/bank check/picture of something that has information in it I want to remember/receipt/business card/FACES (yes makes remembering names a snap)/anything you can take a picture ALL at your fingertips, backed up, and accessible from anywhere in the world.

In paris and someone steals your passport and everything else from you? Problem solved.

Don't worry about carrying all those health insurance/car insurance/costco/airline club/etc cards around anymore - everyone accepts digital now.

I really really really want/need/would do anything for this feature to be a reality. I've taken the time to write this much because I want you to understand how profound this could be for your business and how important it is to me.

Please please please make this happen.

I know you don't typically announce release schedules, and I also know that this feature would require you to figure out cloud storage of photos which is far more complicated than text based todos....that said. Is this still in the works? Is it a priority? If not I'd be more than happy to take time to speak with any of your time to provide customer input. And lastly is it coming out soon?

I am a network engineer and frequently travel to remote sites to evaluate physical infrastructure for necessary corrections. Having photo attachments would be very helpful to me for this purpose. I would be able to attach a photo with a description of the work needed. Please implement this. 

Great idea... please let us attach pictures to tasks... ASAP

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