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[Done] Intelligent Task Parsing


When you add a task, Todo and Todo Pro will evaluate (parse) the title of your task and automatically set properties like due date, context, tag, list, etc.

This Feature is Implemented

We've added this to the Todo Pro service ( as part of the 2.0.3 update, which was released Thursday, January 10, 2013. This feature is also included in the Todo for iOS (version 6.0.4) and Todo for Mac (version 2.0.4) updates. New tasks are now parsed when:

Adding a task online at, in any of the Todo apps on iOS and MacCreating Tasks with SiriCreate a quick shopping list by asking Siri, "Remind me to Go Shopping (colon) milk (comma) bread (comma) bananas"Assign a task to your "Work" list by saying, "Remind me to Call John (carat) Work"Mark a task as high priority by saying, "Remind me to Take out the trash (exclamation mark) high"Using the Inbound Task Email feature (create tasks by sending/forwarding an email)

Note: If you want to disable any of the intelligent task parsing, make sure to set your preferences accordingly in your Todo Pro Account Settings ( > Settings > Task Creation > Intelligent Task Parsing).

How to Use Intelligent Task ParsingSetting a Due Date

Add a due date and due time to a new task by putting the date in parenthesis. The parenthesized expression will be removed from the task title.


Buy Milk (tomorrow)Buy Milk (Wednesday)Take out the trash (1/9/13)Take out the trash (tomorrow 10:00pm)Setting a Start Date

Note: This feature is available in Todo/Todo Pro for iOS version 6.0.5 and newer and also in Todo/Todo Pro for Mac/Web version 2.0.5 and newer.

Add a start date to a new task by putting the date in square brackets. The brackets and date will be removed from the task title.


Clean out the garage [today][Saturday] Clean out the garageLook for the best deal on a new car [Mar 17]Setting a Priority

Set a task priority by using exclamation symbols. The exclamation symbols and their corresponding qualifiers will be removed from the task title upon creation.

High Priority Examples (Creates a task titled "Pay the electricity bill" with a high priority):

!!! Pay the electricity billPay the electricity bill !!!!High Pay the electricity bill!Hi Pay the electricity bill!h Pay the electricity bill

Medium Priority Examples (Creates a task titled "Get a haircut" with a medium priority):

!! Get a haircut!Med Get a haircut!M Get a haircutGet a haircut !m

Low Priority Examples (Creates a task titled "Fix leaky faucet" with a low priority):

! Fix leaky faucetFix leaky faucet !LowFix leaky faucet !L

No Priority Examples (Creates a task titled "Look into getting a water softener" with no priority):

Note: No priority is the default priority when you install Todo. If you have not changed this default, you do not need to explicitly specify no priority when creating a task.!none Look into getting a water softener!n Look into getting a water softenerLook into getting a water softener !NSetting a Context

Set a context on a task by using the '@' symbol directly followed by the name of one of your existing contexts.


File monthly report @Work@work File monthly reportAdding a Tag

Add a tag to a task by using the '#' symbol directly followed by a tag. If any of the tags do not exist, they will be created.


Learn to play "Blue Ridge Cabin Home" on mandolin #KeyOfABuy Milk #groceries #dairySetting the List (Updated)

Set the task list that a task belongs to by using the dash character (-) followed by the name of an existing list.

Updated (14 Jan 2013): We originally had this set to use the '^' symbol, but as some users pointed out to us, this is fairly inconvenient to access on the iPhone keyboard. We've now changed it to use the dash character instead which feels a lot more logical.


Call Bob -Work-Work Call BobReplace the furnace filter - Home

Tip for using Siri:

You can say the word "dash" to get Siri to add a dash character. Siri will add a space between the dash and the list name. The Todo Pro service will still interpret this as a list name.Adding a Project

Add a project by first writing the name of the project, then a semicolon (;), and then items of a project separated by commas.


Home Renovation; Choose paint color, Look for low pile carpet, Review the estimatesACME Product X; Call Bob, Arrange to meet with Roger

Tip for using Siri:

Add punctuation in Siri by saying the words, "semicolon" and "comma"Adding a Checklist

Add a checklist by first writing the name of the checklist, then a colon (:), and then checklist items separated by commas.


Shopping: bananas, milk, wheat bread, oatmealCamping: sleeping bag, tent, fishing pole, water, granola bars

Tip for using Siri:

Add punctuation in Siri by saying the words, "colon" and "comma"

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How about parsing natural language as well? (instead of brackets etc...)


!! Buy milk tomorrow at 23:00 and remind me at 22:00 @shopping #groceries

!! Buy milk next week/Tuesday/in 3 weeks at 23:00 and remind me at 22:00 @shopping #groceries

I would also like to suggest intelligent task parsing without the brackets. This way its easier to input tasks in the mobile apps. 

Would love to be able to assign the task and specify a specific list on an automated parse. Is this possible currently?

I would also like to suggest to improve the due date parsing to recognize just the first 3 characters instead of the entire word


- tod (instead of today)

- tom (instead of tomorrow)

- mon (instead of monday)

How do I star a task with parsing?   

I tried * and -starred but neither worked.

This isn't working for me.  If I say, "Remind me Bread (carat) Groceries", I get this item in my Tasks: 

Bread ^ Groceries

Can anyone tell me how I can get Bread to assign to the Groceries list I created using Siri?



UPDATE - SOLVED - it's not "carat" - it's "dash" that adds to a list.  Apparently I read an obsolete instruction page.  Thanks!

I like that feature and use it a lot, e.g. for creating tasks from my work computer where I cannot access Todo Cloud.

As an addition, it would be helpful to organize tasks based on the sender's email address, e.g. moving all tasks sent from my wife's e-mail to a certain task list like "no hurry".

It would be great if you could add to Starred tasks via intelligent parsing using *

Is it possible to set a task as repetitive via intelligent task parsing? Thanks!

At this time it is not possible to mark a task for repeat using task parsing.


I use the parsing to create repeated tasks from email by saving email templates. but I would love to be able to assign the task to a person  by email.

I use this feature regularely and I wonder why it is not possible to create a task directly in a project. One could use the same symbol as for the lists "-" (in that case project name would have to be different from list names) or another symbol like "+".

Is there a way to add a note to a task via Intelligent Task Parsing?

Same goes for the person Assigned to that task, and or alert, I know I am asking for too much but it will be nice, adding a note is the most important one we need right now.

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