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[All] Persistant Task Alerts ( like alert snooze )

I would love to see some kind of persistent task support. Specifically, the ability to snooze an alert. Often, ToDo will remind me to do something, I get distracted, and then I forget to re-open ToDo to see what I have to do. When that happens, the task isn't done. I've resorted to using another application to do this for me (Due for iPhone - it will alert me every hour until I get the thing done), but now my tasks are spread out across multiple applications, which makes it hard to keep track of them.

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I'm still confused as to why after more than a year of discussion no snooze options have been implemented? I could list a handful of "todo" apps that do this with no issue. The app seems stable and works great so I'm not sure the "we're working on stability issues" holds true to be blunt. And if you want a pro subscription from me you'll have to add snooze options and some new alert sounds. Thanks!

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@Gianluca Martucci: The whole reason for this feature request is to have snooze. So to answer your question, a lot of people would like snooze. Personally, I would strongly dislike the sort of torturous alarm you describe above.

 @Calvin Gaisford: I like the "keep alerting until the user taps the alert" option. I understand iOS limits you to "every minute, every hour, or every day" which is not ideal, but gets the job done. Yes, every minute is obnoxious, but I think that's kind of the point if you have an extremely urgent time-sensitive task. I use both the "every minute" and "every hour" option with Due, and it works well for me. Every hour is just enough that it keeps the task on my radar, and that's what I use for most of them. But every once in a while I need something more aggressive, and the every minute sure gets my attention!


When you have feature like moving task "tomorrow", "Today","Next Week" then why can't 1hr,2 hrs, 3hr, 4hr, Saturday, Sunday be provided. Which are a substitute for snooze.

+1 for this absolutely useful feature!!

Just wanted to add my support for this feature. I just migrated back to ToDo from Todoist (and before than, RTM). It fits almost perfectly into my workflows with just one (but unfortunately, critical) exception... persistent reminders.

I too have used Due, Alarmed and Errands on iOS and each of those apps has the functionality to "nag" you on a minute-by-minute, or an hourly basis.

I'm also an iOS developer. I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of iOS as much as the ToDo devs probably do. But I know enough to realise the devs behind Due, Alarmed and Errands are doing something a bit clever and outside of the Apple-expected framework. I think they're using some clever tricks to work with the limited system Apple has put in place (for security and battery and all manner of other probably-good reasons).

Anyway, fact is... it certainly can be done. If you can figure out just how they are doing it and working around the OS-level limitations. Those other apps don't have as much scope as ToDo clearly does. Two of them in fact, sell entirely because of this feature that they almost exclusively focus on. So they clearly have a lot more time to devote to this one feature.

I really hope - especially if iOS 8 doesn't offer anything new in this regard - that you'll take the time on this one. I would love to see the two icons on my iPhone dash for task management become one. I keep trying to make Due my be-all using #hastags etc. but it's just too much to have everything in a single list.

Until this is in place, I'm not sure I'll be able to stick at ToDo. I tend to flip flop around between task management apps a lot. The only one that remains persistent between them is Due. So for me in particular, this feature could be my sticky.

Fingers crossed and thanks regardless for the apps. Particularly love the recent Mac update for full device synergy etc.

Another thing... I saw it mentioned by one of the ToDo devs that a weakness of persistent nagging is that is keeps nagging you on multiple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac). Due (sorry to keep mentioning it) gives you the simple option to silent things on a per-device basis. ToDo's settings seem to be device independent too so I see no problem with simply switching off sounds (you can even do it at the OS-level per app).

Yes, your notification centre builds up with loads of same-reminders that you then have to do a "clear" on to flush out from time to time.

In my opinion, the feature is still worth those niggles.

Thx again!

This is a great idea.  You know I stopped assigning Times to my tasks because of this.  I have a ton of things to do and the moment I miss a task with a time set.... the whole focus list falls apart because the red task just sits there undone and forgotten about.  I quick button that says "Delay for 5,15,15,30,60"  would make the world a better place :)

Calvin, thanks for the reply! Fingers crossed it will make it in at some point.


I had been a 5+year user of ToodleDo until I switched to Appigo TODO. LOVE IT! But I have to agree with all the other comments. I too get distracted after seeing a reminder and forget about it. Some sort of snooze function would be HUGE! It's literally the 1 shortcoming I can think of right now...

This could be added to the Android app, though. It has my vote. This is another reason why I switched from an iPhone to SGS4. Tired of the limits Apple places on developers in so many silly ways.

Snooze is so essential because in busy life can one do a thing exactly at one point of time? 

So, I want to echo the above comment.

i. When creating the task and choosing an alert, provide a setting for snooze alerts and the desired interval

ii. Snooze a task when alert appears with  options of predefined intervals 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 8h, 1d, 2d, 1w  

Well, they finally did this, with 0 fanfare at all. If you have iOS 8, you can take advantage of this. If a notification shows up on the lock screen, you can swipe to the left to reveal "Delay" and "mark as complete" buttons. "Delay" is "Snooze". When I do this, for some reason I have to use Touch ID to verify it, but it then resets the task's due time to 15 minutes in the future. 

You can snooze (excuse me, "delay") a task from the alert that appears if you are not on the lock screen as well. 

This is a great first stab. I wish the Mac and web versions would let me do this too, but hey, baby steps, right?

Since it seems like you can't get the persistent alerts to work correctly can you please add the ability to link to other apps - specifically DUE - take a look at Agenda Calender 4 - it has the ability to add/send events/reminders to DUE (plus other apps like even your app).  I think that is needed feature

This would allow me to begin using Todo Pro again.  The app I am using now does exactly what you are suggesting, and allows me to set a Nag, or interval to be alerted until done.   Without this feature, I just miss the alerts, and I get distracted as well, and miss everything.  The other application has been useful for me, because it has this ONE feature, and I get everything done now eventually through constant nags.


To echo Erik's suggestion, it would be nice to set the default for all new tasks to have a persistent alert option set for X, where X could be a) none, or b) x minutes.   Then when creating a new task, I could choose to override the default.  If I choose 5 minutes, Todo Plus would reissue an new alert every 5 minutes until I mark the task complete.   This would alleviate any issue that iOS has, as many todo type applications in the apple store already have this feature.  On the surface, I realize that this request we are all making is not high priority, but you have understand that having a Todo application that can not effectively remind you of tasks, is useless.  I hope you see this point.


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