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[Todo Cloud Web] Enhance Todo Cloud Web App

iOS7 update is awesome and is pushing me to move over from paid Todoist subscription, but your web app is terrible when compared to the smooth Todoist web app. 

These days not everything can be done using the mobile app, of course, it's the most important channel but when it comes to adding items in bulk or migrating from other services I think a web app is critically important. 

Please impress us with an awesome web app and here is my $$$.

Thanks for the awesome refresh.

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 The recent web redesign is lame--mostly because it is buggy.

Strongly agree. The web app for Windows 8 is totally unusable and not multilingual, which strongly prevents the use of Todo Cloud in a professional settings where one may have to capture many tasks and share them with international colleagues.

Add my vote as well. Not only appearance, but functionality: I would much prefer to add a project with multiple subtasks while on my PC or laptop, for example. Drag and drop features plus quick new task keystrokes would be great. And, yes, something more aesthetically appealing, more open space, less cramped would be more pleasant to work in.

To Appigo: I'm using the trial period of Todo Cloud iPhone app. While I don't expect a new web version overnight, I'll be giving this some thought as to whether or not I subscribe. Online cloud access is a major reason why I'm interested and is also a major disappointment to see the web interface thus far. Plus, if you're going to roll out a cloud offering, shouldn't the web version have been further along?

By the way, I added a comment a few weeks ago which seems to have disappeared. 

I paid $20 for the annual license. I haven't been happy with the web interface so I asked for a pro-rated refund for the 8 months still left on my subscription. Appigo told me that I am free to unsubscribe, but refunds (as per the Terms of Service everyone agrees to upon subscription) are not allowed.

They basically thanked me for my money and told me that I was free to use Wunderlist.

Lesson to be learned: Do not sign up for an annual contract.

LOL! (I had to google that)

As soon as Godot gets here...

I confirm the web app is less good compared with others. Even is better if we talk about graphics and user friendly style.

Your service is the best one for features and sync functionalities. Renew the web app and I think at the moment no one is good like you!

I am also looking at switching to toodledo. Mostly just waiting till I get the time to do so.


It just feels so terrible to be ignored like this after paying for a service. Don't know if Appigo realizes this or not but certainly they are damaging their reputation by not even responding to these comments here. We heard from them 9 months ago and nothing afterwards. 

Either reveal a superior web app or just wait on the sidelines and see all your subscription renewals just drop off. If you can build a better iOS app I'm sure you can build a better web app, don't know what the hold up is. A response here from the team would go a long way.

I tried switching to Todoist, but don't think it's as powerful as Todo.  Plus, it seems to take more clicks to make changes (i.e. change due date).  Also, I really like the Quick Menu (long press on a task) on Todo.

I've been frustrated with to Todo web interface for a while as well (I posted three months ago in this same thread).  After searching high and low for a workaround, I've found a good solution for me:  sync with Toodledo.  Now I can use Todo on my iPhone and Toodledo web interface on my computer.  Toodledo's web interface isn't the nicest looking, but is very functional.  All my tasks sync between the two system.  I needed to pay for Toodledo's Silver plan ($15/year) to get stuff like subtasks, but since I can cancel my Todo Cloud plan of $20/year, I came out $5 ahead and have a better web interface to work with.  I just switched, so time will tell how it works, but so far so good.

If you're frustrated with Todo's web interface (who isn't?), I'd recommend trying my setup.

I switched to Todoist as well, their interface is much nicer. I still wish they would improve the way subtasks are done but otherwise it is far superior

I gave up and switched to Todoist.

seriously!!! what Jim says ^^^ Getting really frustrated!!!

When will the web interface be updated?  The bugs and lack of functionality is unacceptable.  It certainly does not seem that it is getting any attention from developers at all.  It has been 9 months since it was stated that it will be updated.  I love the app, but also rely on the web interface.   I am not sure how much longer I am willing to wait before I will cancel two subscriptions and move on to a different ToDo application.

I agree with the other users, the web interface is frustrating and will impact my decision to renew.  Doesn't have to be pretty, but has to work.  The current version seems overly buggy for a paid service.  

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