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Option to enable or disable the "New" section

Hello - I am a big user of ToDo on my Mac, iPhone and iPad, and I love the new iOS 7 apps: they have added several longtime feature hopes of mine, biggest of which was to quickly and easily see only today's tasks. Great work!

I have a question regarding ToDo for the Mac. When I add a new task, by default it appears in a box at the top, and to get it to appear in the correct date I need to click 'Sort'. I would prefer to be able to switch this off, and have the tasks appear automatically in the right places. Is that possible?

Thanks for any responses.

I just noticed one can move the new task to the task list by clicking the small X to the right of the box. 

It would be nice if there was a hotkey to do the same but clicking the X isn't too bad.

It's not currently an option.  I've moved this to the product suggestions to get votes and comments.

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