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Intelligent parsing via email

Reference the article:

Intelligent Parsing

In case some folks don't know, this is a very powerful feature, however, its not stated in that KB article, but you can combine options. I had to figure this out by trial and error. The *spaces* are important too lol. For example, I just created the following task with a due date:

!!! Cancel google play (2/1/2015) @Home #Next -Personal

I got a free 60 day trial to Google Play and I wanted to remind myself to either cancel it or decide to keep it. After much trial and error and sending the task via email, I finally figured it out. The spaces between the parameters are required...seems like a doh, but it wasn't documented.

Anyway, all I did was forward the email from google which was a zero dollar invoice noting that auto billing will start automatically if I don't cancel...and I changed the email subject line to what you see there, which created a task, in my Personal list, with a tag of Next, and context of Home and a due date of 2/1/15, and of course, its important. Hopefully this helps someone.

I love this feature! Thanks Appigo!

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It's NOT working as documented:


'Buy milk @Home' does NOT create a task with context 'Home'

'Buy milk [2/1/2015]' does NOT create a task with start date '2/1/2015'


'Buy milk  (2/1/2015)' does create a task with due date 2/1/2015

'Buy milk  -projects' does create a task in my list 'projects'

'Buy milk  #groceries' does create a task in with the tag 'groceries'


Any ideas?  

I found the solution. The items I found not working had been unchecked in my settings in 'New Task Defaults'. I checked them all and now everything is fine.


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