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Reminder alerts

Hi I have a lot of reminders set up with times when they go off. At times when the reminder goes off I am unable to get to that task. Is there a way, without going into the task reminder, for when the alarm goes off to get the reminder to go off again at another time like, like set the alarm to go off in another 20-30 minutes time? Thanks

Are you using banner style alerts?


Hi Jeff, yeah I am mate.
If you pull down on the alert you can tap delay and delay the alert to go off again in 15 min.


I am really struggling trying to set ToDo alerts on my iPhone and my iPad.  I used this feature in previous additions but the current one is a problem for me.  I have gone through all of the suggestions here and still when I enter a new task and try to set a reminder it always comes back with no alert set.  Any help at this point would sure be appreciated.  It appears that I can set an alert with Windows but not on either my iPhone or iPad.  Obviously, I am missing something.  Thanks for any thoughts you might have.


Could you have your diagnostic report from Todo on your iPhone and iPad sent into support. 

You can email it to me by following the steps below:

-In Todo, tap on the settings button
-Tap on "Information"
-Tap on "Diagnostics"
-Scroll down to the very bottom, and tap on "Email Diagnostic Report"
-Read the instructions of the popup message and tap on "Email"
-Please include the description of the problem you are having or the ticket ID of your support case
-When you are ready to email your Diagnostic Report, tap on "Send"

I'm having the exact same problem as Robert Fry above. All my devices, including my computer are Apple Products. I can't get an alert to set even from my computer. This is a relatively new occurrence. It worked just find a few months ago.

I really rely on my alerts and have missed doing things on time because I'm not getting the alerts on any device.

Has this problem been resolved?

Also, how do I look at the diagnostic log from the App on my MacBook? I keep getting alerts on my computer when ToDo synchronizes or I put in a new task that says ToDo is "Done Updating" and to "Check Diagnostic Log for Errors." I've found nothing in the menu bar for a Diagnostic Log. I think I'm missing something.

Hello Debbie, 

Can you confirm if you are currently using Todo or Todo Cloud along with if you are currently operating on Mac OS X 10.11?


I am currently using Todo and I'm operating on Mac OS X 10.11.2.

I'm a full time student and haven't felt like I needed to upgrade to Todo Cloud. The additional features that Todo Cloud has really wouldn't benefit me.



We've recently released an update to Todo which is currently available on the Mac App Store. This should resolve the problem you are currently experiencing. Could you have the App updated and let me know the problem persists. 

I look forward to your reply!


Thank you so much for getting back to me. The new update, totally fixed the problem. I can now schedule alarms and they are coming through on all devices.


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