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Repeating Tasks - All Platforms

My issue is illustrated here:

Appreciate any help. Thx


We are working on an update to correct this and hope to have it released in the near future.


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Jeff, that sounds great.  Thanks for the reply!

This new "feature" affects me also.  On completion of a repeating task, the auto-generated task for the next repetition includes a start date that is set to the current day.  That causes the task to appear in my daily tasks, which is not what I want.  I need the new task to inherit start time settings from the completed task, adjusted for the repetition interval.  (In my case, I want no start time on the new task.)

This is quite annoying to have to adjust each new task not to have a start date.  All the auto-generated tasks look like they need to be done today, which is not correct.


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