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When will the sync software work with outlook 2016

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I have the same problem. Please add Outlook 2016


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Do they read this board.  Has anyone heard from them.  If they don't fix this soon I'll have to switch to something else

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Hello Vince and Marcus, 

Thank you for taking the time out to provide your feedback, It is immensely valued and I have gone added your vote to this request. While we unfortunately cannot confirm if and when new features or products will be added, our developers are constantly reviewing feature requests for new ideas and ways to improve our products. 

You can keep track of our latest updates, and new products in our Facebook page or through our Twitter announcements.

If I can help with anything else, please let me know.

I add my vote - this update is needed urgently, given Outlook synchronization is one of the main differentiating features of this app, and already supported by at least one of the main competing apps.

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I too am in desperate need to have my Outlook 2016 in sync with the Todo app!

Please add this upgrade ASAP, or I too will be forced to use another app that will sync.

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I also am adding my 'vote' to an update that syncs Todo with Outlook 2016.

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I also want to sync with Outlook 2016. For now, I have uninstalled Appigo Sync, just waiting for this update. Until then I am syncing my iPad and iPhone using Dropbox. Both devices are using Appigo 8 which I hope will be used in the future to sync with Outlook 2016. Help us out Appigo!!!

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Anybody having issues with sync to Outlook 2007 and Todo 8? 

Recently updated from Todo 6 to Todo 8 and tasks are not syncing.

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need an UPDATE Right now!!!!

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I need this also. Related question, does anyone know of another app that syncs Outlook tasks? #sorryappigo I need this capability yesterday.  Thanks.

I need this info also. Tired of waiting on these guys

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It's been almost a year. Clearly this isn't a priority for them

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