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Message "Done updating"

No iOS ToDo 9 I constantly get The message "Todo Cloud Done updating", and have to click OK before I can continue working. Often two times for each change/new Todo. Why is that? Otherwise I find the new layout nice, but needs some adjustments. Very important: the Mac and the web version desperately needs the same upgrade, as for now it seems like two different apps.

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Thanks for your comment and feedback. I'm not sure why you're seeing the "Todo Cloud Done updating" prompt often. Would you please send us a diagnostic log (this can be accessed in your settings) so that we can take a deeper look into what's going on. By sending the diagnostic report it will open a ticket with our support team and they can look deeper into the issue.

Updates to Mac and the web are planned in the future, but the timeline is TBD. We're wanting to ensure that we nail things correctly mobile first and take those learnings back to our other platforms. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Did you find a solution to the "Done Updating" issue? It's happening on my iPhone constantly now for the past two days.


Are you still experiencing this problem? If so, does updating to version 10.0.4 fix the issue for you? 

I am having the same issue with updating message.

Hi Susan, 


Could you kindly verify if the data on is current and correct, once it is kindly have the app uninstalled and reinstalled on your device and test if the issue persists. 

I’m having the same issue. Is there a solution? App is most up to date

Hi Eddie, 

We're sorry for the inconveniences, could you kindly send us your diagnostic report from Todo Cloud, you can do this by: 

- Opening Todo Cloud
- Tap your name in the top left (to enter the app's settings screen)
- Select Diagnostics
- Scroll to the end of the screen
- Select Email Diagnostic Report
- Select Include tasks to send a copy of your tasks database, or choose DO NOT Include Tasks
- Select Email
- Select Send

Also, if you look through the diagnostic report you may see the name of one of your task being listed, could you have that task deleted and recreated and test if the issue persists. 
I am a VERY long time user. I live by the program. Only recently (within the past two weeks) has this problem started to pop up for me too. Every one of my devices (Mac mini, iPad Pro, iPhone 10) it pops up. ToDo Updating, I push OK and the message pops up again, and I have to push OK again. It’s is really annoying when you are “power working”. All of my devices are running the latest operating softwear, and best I can tell I have the latest version of ToDo.
Hello. I am getting the message “ToDo Cloud Done Updating” popup constantly. Seems like something is wrong and the constant popup is bothersome. I noticed others have had the same problem. Please help!

HI Curt & Alan, 

Thanks for reaching out to us, could you kindly send us your diagnostic report. Please see our article from the link below on how you can have it sent in to us. 

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