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Task not assigned due date

Even though my settings say to assign a due date of today automatically, it never happens since the 9.0 update. I have to do it manually every time.

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Hi Jason, 

We're sorry for any inconveniences caused, the reason this is happening is; you may be creating items within a list(s) you had prior to the upgrade. What you'll need to do is swipe left on the list in question and select "edit" then choose "due date". You'll then need to select "App Default" or a date of your choosing for the due date for those lists.

Lists created in the new version of Todo Cloud will automatically have the default due date you've chosen within settings applied to them. 

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That was it!
Hi there, I 'm encountering a similar bug yet slightly different. - default task creation settings: due date today, "inbox" - changed settings: due date today, "work" Unfortunately all new task now get a "no date" stamp. I've changed the due date default to "tomorrow" but the task still gets the "no date" stamp. When I change back the settings back to "inbox" the tasks get the correct today stamp. Any suggestions?

Hi Paul, 

Sorry to hear about the troubles. Are you creating these tasks from the App's main list screen or within a specific list? 

Hi Keno, the problem has been resolved! Changed the defaults in the lists I've made. Thanks!
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