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Request to support Amazon Echo / Alexa

The Amazon Echo device is exploding with integrations.  I love the Siri integration with Todo.   With Alexa, you can add items to a to do list.   I just read that you can link the Alexa to do list with Todoist and services.

It would be awesome to add items to my Todo account with Alexa like I can do with Siri.

Thanks for the consideration!

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Hi Michael, 

Thank you for your suggestion, I'll share this with our team here for further review and discussion. 



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This would be fantastic! I'm currently trialing the other apps that the Echo works with, and it's seamless so far. Would love not to have to change to another service.

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Hi, I'm looking for the Echo integration as well. Any update if this made the product roadmap? Thank you.

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Is there an update on the status of integration Amazon Echo with Todo-Cloud?

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Hi Everyone, 

While we're not able to share a timeline on if or when this will be implemented our team is discussing this. We are thankful for your suggestion. 

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I absolutely love this app, but it’s long past due for Alexa integration. Don’t risk being left behind too much longer!

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Echo/Alexa integration is becoming less of an option and more of a requirement every day. Google and Amazon have completely lapped Apple in the home assistant market.

You need to get with the program bros...

Guys, let’s get going! I’m tired of giving Todoist my money for an otherwise inferior product, but Alexa is killer functionality... please!
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