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Update requiered by IOS 10.3.2

I've just received a message from Apple alerting me about the non-compatibility of your app with the last update of IOS. What have you planned to ensure the compatibilty of Notebook with IOS ? I've been using your app for 4 years and I don't want to loose my data. my email adress :

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Hi Corine, 

I'm sorry to advise that the Notebook App is no longer owned or supported by Appigo, and the new owner has since pulled the app from the app store. 

What program would you advise Notebook users to take the place of Notebook? I would like to move my data to a new notebook type program now before I can no longer access it.
I have this same problem. Where would you advise us to go for a new Notebook type program to use and move our data to before it becomes inaccessible? — Joy F.
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