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Todo 8.2.8 problem with iOS 11 in notes

If one has a note in a task, and you tap the note to edit it, it slides to the note twice instead of once, and that second note edit box, while it looks editable, does not save information. You have to hit Done once to get back to the real note edit box. Repeatable on all tasks and in both iPad and iPhone versions. Looking forward to a solution! J.J.

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I have seen same problem and I don’t find any information regarding fixing this - lots of not needed typings..

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I am experiencing the same problem with notes. Very disappointing

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I have the same problem. It doesn’t help reinstalling the app.

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Why is there no response to this issue for 5 months?  This item is becoming infuriating and prompting me to look for another app.

Hi Eveyone, 

In 2014, we decided to try something new. We went to market with two different apps in the App Store: Todo and Todo Cloud. At the core, these are very similar apps with a few key differences.

“But if they’re similar, why have two apps?” Great question.

 First, let’s take a look and how each of these apps work:

  • Todo is a paid app that gives users the basic functions of a to-do and task list app and allows users to sync their to-dos across devices by using their own sync service.
  • Todo Cloud is free to download with the same basic features of Todo. With a paid subscription however – monthly or yearly – users can leverage Todo Cloud’s built-in sync service and take advantage of advanced features like using email and Siri to create tasks, team collaboration and much more.

Having two apps enabled us to provide Todo’s powerful productivity features to different types of users. We found that some wanted to simply buy the app and manage their own sync services and others wanted us to provide that for them. Over the last two years, for those who we provided the sync service for, we found that we could throw some additional features in Todo Cloud to help them get more value for their subscription.

This has been a fun experiment, but moving forward we’ve decided to focus solely on Todo Cloud. Todo, the classic paid version our app, is being deprecated and will be available for a limited time on the App Store and will eventually be replaced entirely by Todo Cloud.

Making Todo Cloud our flagship app has been a calculated decision which required us to weigh many different factors. What it ultimately came down to is that we want to provide most powerful productivity app available – our users (and frankly the world) deserve that – and continuing to support two different apps, will slow us down unnecessarily.

Here’s what you can expect to see as we take a laser-focus on Todo Cloud:

  • New, innovative and market-leading productivity features
  • More (and faster) improvements to current Todo Cloud features
  • A more intuitive and pleasant app experience to make Todo-ing even more impactful

If you're previously syncing with a third party sync service with the classic Todo app please see our guide here on how you can transition to Todo Cloud -


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