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[All] Attachment support

Support for attaching files to items

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This would be very nice and great incremental benefit to this app

So will we get it or what??? 

+1 - Webspace can't be an argument nowadays... It's so complicated to use other supporting services for that and link that manually to ToDoCloud... What's the problem?

Attachment Support is an MUST HAVE!!!

Either let's keep attachments with the task or at least links to Dropbox or google drive.

Yes, I miss this feature also.

Really miss this feature

I think this is THE MAIN FEATURE we (todo cloud users) need! P.L.E.A.S.E. add it as quick as possible!

Attachments would be a really fantastic addition to the IOS version.  It was one of the key things that i liked about Toodledo Pro... before i switched to Todo 7.

Wunderlist does this but does not have contexts, so not a true GTD app. They also charge differently, but do not have a file size limit.

Have been asking for this for a while.  Particularly in the desk top version.  The IOS already links to an email and phone, but the ability to do that on the windows version; and particularly to link to an internal document or spreadsheet would be awesome.

I would like to expand on this a bit, and be able to link back to emails, or even better, be able to create a new Todo from within Mail. That may be beyond what Apple will allow, but it would make life so much better!

Right now I can drag and drop an email from Mail to a task Notes. It is clickable back to the original email until I click Done on the task (Mac TodoPro). That definitely does not seem right to me! 

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