Understanding Task Lists

Task Lists are at the heart of task organization in Todo Pro. Think of task lists like you do a folder to keep your tasks organized. Task lists help you group tasks together when they relate to the same thing.

Special Lists

Todo Pro uses four special lists to help you keep organized. Using the special lists helps prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with everything you'll eventually want to do.

The "All" List

Image of the Todo Pro All List The All List is to let you see everything – all your tasks in one spot. The All List is there for convenience, but normally you won't want to work out of this list because if you've got a lot of tasks, you'll see too many tasks at once.

Advanced Tip: If you want to hide tasks from certain lists from appearing in your All List, specify an "All" List Filter in your settings. Look under General > List Filters.

The "Focus" List

Image of the Todo Pro Focus List The Focus List helps you focus on tasks that affect you right now. It's meant to show you what's immediately due today and what's coming up tomorrow. By default, the Focus List will not show you completed tasks or tasks due next week.

Advanced Tip: Specify list filters, how far away to show tasks, and other settings for the Focus List in Settings > Focus List.

The "Starred" List

Image of the Todo Pro Starred List The Starred List gives you quick access to any task that you've marked with a star.

The "Inbox"

Image of the Todo Pro Inbox The Inbox is meant to hold incoming tasks that have not yet been filed to a different list. When you are viewing any of the special lists (including the Inbox) and you create a task, it will be placed in the Inbox. You can always assign tasks in the Inbox to other lists when you have more time to organize your ideas and to-do items.

Advanced Tip: You can always choose a different list as your default list in the app settings.

Personal and Shared Lists

Image of a personal list in Todo Pro When you have a group of tasks that relate with each other, you'll want to create your own lists. For example, you may have tasks that relate specifically to your "House" or you may have tasks that are specifically for your "Chemistry 101" class.

When you want to share tasks with others, you'll share a task list. Make sure to read the Task List Sharing article to learn how to share your tasks with others.

Creating Lists:

  • Go to the main view where you will see all of you lists listed
  • Tap the "+" button in the bottom left corner
  • Enter the name of your list and choose a color for it

Deleting Lists:

  • Go to the main view
  • Swipe right to left over the list name