Printing - iOS 

Need a physical copy of your tasks, checklist and or projects? 

Todo makes it easy to print a hard copy of all your tasks, lists, subtasks and even your notes. To print you tasks with Todo on iOS please do the following: 

1. Open Todo

2. Open the list, tasks and/or project you want to print.

3. Select the Hamburger icon (three horizontal lines also know as the multi-edit button) in the top right corner

4. Select your desired items by tapping the radio button to the left

5. When ready, tap the "Next" located at the top

6. You'll be presented with the action screen, scroll down to the print icon, select it; Choose whether to include Notes and, or Subtasks

7. Select your printer, and tap Print

Printing - Mac OS X / Todo Cloud Web

1. Open Todo / Logon at

2. Select the list you'd like to print 

3. Select File > Select Print (or press command and "P") 

**Please note that you are limited to printing only the List with Todo Mac