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[Todo iOS] Take a Photo to Create a Task / Attach a Photo to a Task

The idea on this one would be to either create a task with a photo only and/or be able to attach a photo to a task. We'll need to figure out the specifics of what this would mean for synchronizing the photos around to your different devices, but we think it's an idea worth pursuing.

An example of using this in practice would be when you see something cool at a store that you want to later review as a birthday present later. You'd launch Todo, tap a photo button, and you could be reminded later.

Let us know how you'd like to use photos in conjunction with your tasks.

Reminder: If this proposed feature is important to you, make sure to "like" this article so your vote will count.

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I use this app to manage several facilities that require constant maintenance. Being able to snap a photo of an item that needs attention or repair would be awesome!

Ways I could use this:

1. It's often easier to take a screenshot of something and attach the screenshot to a task, rather than transposing some of the information into the Notes section of the task.

2. If I have a task to contact someone or something about a support issue, it's helpful to have a snapshot of the problem that I can use in the contact.

3. I use ToDo when running errands around town. If would be nice to be able to attach photos that help with those errands. So I might take a pic of a plumbing configuration and attach it to a task to buy a new part at the home improvement store.

4. Being able to attach a PDF would be helpful in many contexts too, although I admit attaching a PDF is a bit more challenging because of the way iOS handles photos versus PDFs.

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What's been suggested so far is inline with what we've envisioned as well. Thanks for adding the extra details!
I'm a huge fan of allowing the user to be as productive and resourceful as they wish. In practical terms, my workflow operates best when I have all of the resources I need to successfully complete the task in one place. So, why limit me to just a photo? Allow me to decide what gets attached to my tasks - photos, txt, doc, pdf - let me do what makes me most productive. So, my vote is to allow attachments. Any ios supported attachment. By the way, what happened to the very long thread that was already a great conversation on this exact topic? I hope it's not deleted. Should the two threads be combined?

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OutThere Labs, we're on the same page there. We'll probably start with photos, but yeah, attachments in general is our end goal. We still have access to the great comments from before, but we haven't found a way to migrate them over to the new forums.

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Boyd - I'm so happy to see your response. The prior comments were outstanding so I hope you're able to include them in this thread. Not to complicate things, but not only do you want to have IOS supported attachments on the main task, but subtasks and comments. I'd love to help you beta test!

Posting comments from the previous site on this suggestion:

Graham Hodge

I love this idea and fully support it.

January 08, 2013 21:49

Mark Holbrook

I already take photos of books and other products that I'm interested in. I would create a task with the photo and place it in my Someday/Maybe folder, or add an item to my "Grocery Store" checklist. I do this manually now, or I use the Wish List on Amazon. Could you create a checklist item from a photo, instead of just a task?

January 08, 2013 22:04

Jon High

It would also be GREAT if, in additional to photos you could support attached files. I think this would be make for a very compelling reason to upgrade to the Pro service.

January 10, 2013 12:15

John Cromwell

Supporting reference document/photo attachments is critical.

January 12, 2013 10:25


I take photos all the time when shopping to put them on want list and research list to make sure I am getting the best price and the product will meet my needs. Or to review online reviews to see how satisfied others were with the product. It would be awesome to be able to attatch these actual photos to notes in my purchase list for various stores that I use in Todo. Currently I am having to use Evernote for photos that should be with their proper ToDo task.

Photos of parts and insturctions would also be helpful on projects as well as photos of receipts.

January 14, 2013 01:34

Christopher S.

I think they'd be useful in the comments stream. I would post whiteboard pictures to tasks.

January 16, 2013 22:11

Paul Brussaard

Documents ao be attached will be a graet idea.

January 19, 2013 04:31

David Sims

I snap photos of many text intensive product tags, magazine ads, and anything else I would like to read later without taking the time to write to type the description of. Adding it to a todo reminder would make it much more usable.

January 20, 2013 20:24

Ros Riha

I would say this feature (adding a file to a task) exceeds photos - it would be nice if an e-mail with an attachment was converted to a task, which would keep that attachment...

January 24, 2013 13:38


This idea could work for me, but I'd much rather have some sort of Evernote integration where my photo lives over there and I link a task to my Evernote, rather than having the pic in Todo

January 28, 2013 12:18


I don't like it because it will complicate a very good program.

January 31, 2013 09:31


Any incorporation of ToDo into Evernote would be of great improvement. I use Evernote to run our Company and Personal Life... Thanks for the consideration...

January 31, 2013 14:27

Tim Dellas

As Fbinder said, I DON'T LIKE THIS AT ALL because of this:

1.) I really have a hard time thinking of a reason to not just use my iPhone's camera and open ToDo instead. 

2.) Syncing is the most hard part in an app like ToDo. Putting in FILES with possibly megabytes of data then is a VERy BAD idea, which will also hurt syncing speed A LOT!

3.) I generally like the idea of user feedback, but in this case I would reaaaally vote against such a "feature". As you can see in this thread (add email attachments! add Evernote! add pink cows!), when you listen too much to users, you end up with button-filled, overcomplicated apps that are harder and harder to debug. Also, every feature you add will have to work on different platforms with a lot of different synching technologies. Don't do this to this really good app (and to your developers!).

Ask me on @ObjT if you don't think so.

February 08, 2013 08:59

William Stabnow

I would like to attach a photo of sketches associated with the construction activity that is the crux of the project I am tracking in ToDo.

February 21, 2013 09:48

Ros Riha

@Rickj: Evernote integration would work for me and it already supports file attachments, creating note from photo etc., so simple integration would solve it all. And it is possible, there are multiple apps accessing Evernote database.

@Tim Dellas: I understand your point of general. In this current case there are multiple BUTs:, which does have (one can safely assume) much bigger user base than ToDo, does support file attachments. That would indicate to me that such a thing is not that crazy and unusual request.

--multiple other GTD apps (Nozbe, Teambox, Producteev ...just to name just a few) work with file attachments and do even support discussion over files in order to reduce e-mail clutter.

--Evernote is not a pink cow, as a matter of fact it is rather green elephant ... considered by many as THE note taking and organizing app. As it already does support many of features requested here, syncing/linking tasks with it would reduce the strain to ToDo developers.

February 21, 2013 10:02

Tim Dellas

I don't say it wouldn't be cool to have. But it's a costy feature in terms of sync speed and development duration.

Toodledo for example doesn't have to manage supporting 4 different sync modes, as it is "the" main database, so it's much easier for them to support. Same counts true for the many other ToDo services: most support one or a max of two sync modes, and Appigo bound iCloud, Dropbox, Toodledo and their own service to their legs.

Evernote is a multimillion dollar company with funding and loads of developers, so I wouldn't directly compare Appigo and Evernote.

As usual with feature creep, I don't want to say that it wouldn't be a cool feature for one or two appliances. But I want to say that most of these applicances are pretty far-fetched, the sketches William Stabnow wants to add or the whiteboard pictures seem to be the only useful thing, but for these rare circumstances the smartphone camera usually should be enough. And don't tell me, you're collaborating by a ToDo list alone.

All I'm saying is that it would be a nice to have feature, sometime AFTER some more urgent features with much more impact and lower development time are implemented. Start dates for example would be able to declutter all ToDo lists with repetitive tasks, or which really use the due time at all. Or autocompletion for the newly added intelligent syntax parsing would make adding new tasks and correctly tagging / listing / contexting them a breeze. In the saved time, you can just send an email with your photo ;-) (sorry for the small rant)

February 21, 2013 10:25

Ros Riha

yep, prioritizing is THE thing... and, as it happens, everyone has different priorities:) 

We switched from Toodledo because of the web-interface and its inability to handle task assignments on iOS ... so, surprisingly, I would like to see alarms, triggered on tasks assigned to me only, advanced filtering, start dates, one task being triggered to start by the completion of another ...

We are trying to minimize the number of apps being used in our studio, so for collaboration and project management, we would like to rely of ToDo as much as possible.

Talking of features such as photos etc., Evernote sync would solve it all at once. I remember discussion on Toodledo forum, where somebody created a script, which synced toodledo tasks with Evernote notes - each task had its counterpart on Evernote. We would be more than happy with that...

February 21, 2013 10:46

OutThere Labs

I vote "Yes!" and would take it a bit further to include any type of attachment, not just photos.

February 28, 2013 06:36

Stuart Walker

I think the basis of this idea is good, but externally triggering a new task (or attaching something to a task) may deserve a broader consideration.  Creating a task or adding content to an existing task from an email or from within another app (most relevant to me would be a note in Evernote) may be equally useful to users.

March 20, 2013 11:52


It's of low importance to me, but I could take attach a picture of the sort of plumbing fitting I needed to buy, or instead of writing, "do something about all that junk stacked up between the south barn and the old pasture" I could just take a photo and be reminded of the mess.

March 21, 2013 23:32

Emanuel Prinoth

The only reason why I have to use 2 apps is that this function is still missing...

please add it, would love your app even more.

April 03, 2013 09:33

John Harmann

Slightly off-topic, but +1 on the Evernote integration.  I generally use ToDo religiously for all things I need "to do", and then use Evernote for all someday/maybe type ideas and things that aren't really tied to dates or that don't have action items yet.  I often use Siri to capture an idea in ToDo and then manually move them to Evernote.  When it's at a point to act on I create actual tasks in ToDo.  It would be great to be able to figure out a way to push stuff between these two.

As for the pictures, 90% of the time if I have something to remember in picture form, I'll just take a picture from the lockscreen.  The only way to make this useful for me would be to somehow send pictures from the the iPhone camera / photos app to ToDo.  The other 10% of the time I take a picture directly in Evernote because it's a long term idea.

April 06, 2013 20:23

Steven Palmo

i have always wanted to do this and it would be great to have 

May 01, 2013 09:54

Jon Battle

re: all this talk of how complicated this is and how negatively this feature will affect the app - why don't we let the developer's comment on that?

May 08, 2013 11:22

Steven Palmo

Attaching photos to tasks I a GREAT idea. I was thinking about it and was glad to see it on your website as possible next features planned.

May 08, 2013 11:52

Michael Fooks

Just really started to use this app this week (after trying it out a couple of years ago).  While just yesterday I was thinking how useful a photo would be, my favourite thing about the app is how quick it is.  I had been trying to use evernote for tasks but it takes too long to open on both my iphone and ipad for quick task capture.  So I say keep it as light as possible.  

Evernote integration would be good - not sure what that would look like though.  Currently I just copy the public link from an evernote note and paste it in the notes field in todo, and all i need to do is click it to view the note the task relates to.  To automate that would be good and would probably have to happen from the evernote side.  But it works pretty well with this workaround imo.

Only thing is although the hyperlink is clickable in the ios version I don't think it is on the web version?  Making notes clickable through the browser versions wouild be good.

May 13, 2013 21:06

Gary Jackson

I am conflicted. Initially I thought, "Great idea" I am a handyman & take countless pictures of different chores as the owner shows me around the house. I end up making a ToDo list project so they can prioritize what I should work on first & what to leave for next time.

Tim Dellas and Michael Fooks make good points about keep the app unencumbered and fast. (Why I hate Outlook) I tried four other apps I paid for (and a few I didn't) trying to find something more complex than Apple Reminder but not too many bells & whistles like Outlook. This has been great for over two years, especially with ToDo Pro so I can enter/organize projects faster on the desktop. The desktop needs to catch up with the app. (Multi-edit)

If the app saved 800x600 pics it would keep them around 100k would be one option.

I can go into email on my iPhone and attach multiple photos to send. Can the developers make it so it just has a reference tag where the photo is in the library (or in a separate album) and doesn't have to load all the pics when it is booting, only if you click on the reference?

Of course once this is done, we will want a way to put captions on the photos, etc.

June 19, 2013 20:00

Jeff Hamilton

Attachments such as photos and page links would be great. I'm a contractor who walks my jobs and makes punch list for my workers... Pictures would be huge for sowing them what needs addressing. Also, I do a lot of casual surfing at night, when I run across applicable sights, I could attach that link to be available for additional consideration & sharing at the office.

June 20, 2013 21:15

Ian Morrison

Not just photo's screen shots would also be handy and/or link to an external file would be real handy.

June 26, 2013 04:36

Steve Kueck

Need to be able to take a photo from ToDo or add a photo from my pictures

July 17, 2013 09:15

OutThere Labs

The attachment feature is just that ..... a feature. You could choose to use it or not use it. ToDo is a fantastic set of apps that I use daily across my iPhone, iPad and Macbook Pro. I frequently wish that when I was ready to work on / complete a ToDo item that I had additional materials connected to the ToDo. While I am a positive advocate of the photo attachment feature, I'd really like to see the attachment type expanded to PDF, Word, Excel, TXT, RTF, etc, documents. 

I'm curious - Where does Appigo stand on the feasibility of this feature? It will require reengineering, additional storage, etc. 

Great conversations about a potentially game-changing feature!

July 17, 2013 11:43

Ros Riha

100% agree with @OutThere... I would also like to be able to link e-mails to tasks - trying to get empty inbox means I am often losing some data, as ToDo cannot handle e-mails with images etc. reliably, so I would like to link archived message to the task to be able to find it quickly

July 17, 2013 11:53

James Sutherland

I use this feature in Omnifocus constantly for ordering parts. If you add it, I'd likely be a convert!

July 18, 2013 07:09


The ability to add photos would be a great improvement.


July 29, 2013 11:12

Rafael García

Great idea!! And, if is possible the PDFs too!

August 04, 2013 05:27

Dave Melone

+1 fact if the pictures could live in Evernote and be linked out of ToDo task entries, that would be smarter.  There's the Evernote trunk to consider as an API.

September 25, 2013 15:21


I agree wit Dave (above) that Evernote is an excellent collection tool. I do not see it as a problem to have to empty dozens of mailboxes every day (email inboxes, Evernote inbox, SMS inbox, intray on desk, post-it stickers on the door, scribbled notes on a bar coaster in my pocket, and so forth) . The main thing is being able to input these thing conveniently into Todo, and, if applicable, to link it to external information.

In general I would prefer if Todo (and task apps in general) would focus more on features relating to the organization and characterization and viewing of the tasks and projects themselves (for example, more versatile list filters - AND,OR,NOT to allow you to tag your tasks more cleverly, and see what you need, and deeper project hierarchies and multiple parent projects to reflect dependencies, and auto-progression of tasks within projects, etc).

September 26, 2013 15:07

So ............. curiously ............ where does this enhancement currently sit? Possible? Not Possible? Do you need beta testers (pick me! pick me!)?

Can we expect this soon ?
If you've followed us for a while, you'll know that we usually don't release specific schedules as to when a feature will be released. But know, for sure, that this feature is not forgotten. :)


@Boyd -- I have, I do, I won't. 


I'd love this feature!!!

I agree that I'd love to be able to link a photo to a task.

Any idea if or when the ability to attach docs and pics will be available?

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