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[Done] A Friendlier Way to Create and Edit Your Tasks


There are fifteen (15) different properties on every task in the Todo app. If you've never used Todo before, and even if you're a seasoned expert, this can feel overwhelming and sometimes frustrating when you have to scroll down to find what you're looking for.

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Proposed Solution

We think it'd be a lot more pleasing to present less at a time when creating and editing a task. Some ideas we have are:

The checkbox and task name are the most important things about a task. They will always be shown at the top of the task editor and be available for editing.Task properties will be grouped into different sections, possibly using tabs at the bottom of the screenExample: start date, due date, note are the most important, and so they'd be on the first tabExample: task assignment, task comments, etc. would be grouped together for seeing everything about task collaborationTodo would remember which screen/tab you use last so as you work in different modes (collaboration, vs. scheduling), each task you visit would bring you right to the type of thing you're doing.Use more graphics. Instead of using the word "Priority" or "Due Date" on the left, we'd just replace it with icons representing priority and due date ... and show the value on the right-hand side of the icons.

Keep in mind, this is only part of the redesign of the entire app. We will be looking at the flow of creating tasks, the general look and feel, etc. as well.

Update: This idea was incorporated into Todo 7 along with a number of other UI improvements

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Clever idea. Also, I would appreciate it if task date could appear before the note, as it always takes a single line while the task can span for so many lines that I often end up scrolling forever to change the date on a task. Could you provide a screenshot of how it looks in Todo 7? On the web page and the iTunes screen shots, I cannot find screenshots of tasks being edited. As this is where I spend most of my time when using the app, I would like to see how it looks before switching from Todo 6 to Todo 7.

Here is a screen capture of what the task editor looks like in Todo 7.  The notes section is scrollable and will expand to show the whole note if tapped.  We kept it small but accessible for exactly the reason you mentioned, it's most common to get to the other fields.

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