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[Done] Tap & Hold Menu Options (Quick Menu)

Update (Sep 20, 2013): Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7 now include every option in the Quick Menu. Tap and hold a task to access the quick menu. Since all options are shown, there's no need for the quick menu settings. Task actions in the quick menu are always in the same place when the menu appears. Over time, you'll instinctively know where your favorite options are. Actions that do not apply to your task are disabled.

Update (Feb 20, 2013): The Todo, Todo for iPad, and Todo Pro 6.0.4 update now includes many additional tap and hold features. They are also customizable (Todo > Settings > Quick Menu). Drag actions you wish to be enabled into the "Enabled Actions" section and remove options by dragging them into the "Disabled Actions" section.

Keep in mind:

Tap and hold options only appear in the quick menu if the option applies to the task you are holding. For example, if you have the Today option enabled, it will not show up in the quick menu if the task you are tapping is already due today.The order you arrange the options in the Quick Menu Settings will be the order that they appear in the tap and hold menuFor the best experience using the quick menu, we recommend only enabling the options you use most. Adding more than about five items kind of defeats the purpose of being "quick." But if this is what you want to do, by all means, go for it!

Available options include:

Today - Set the due date to todayPostpone - Move the due date one day forwardTake it - Assign the task to meProject - Convert the task into a projectChecklist - Convert the task into a checklist> Checklist - Move the task into a checklist> Project - Move the task into a projectAssign - Assign a shared taskContext - Set the task's contextDue date - Set the task's due dateDuplicate - Make a copy of the taskList - Set the task's listNext week - Set the due date one week from todayNo date - Remove the due datePriority - Set the task's priorityRepeat - Set the task's repeating optionsSkip - Skip an occurrence of a repeating taskStar - Mark the task with a starTags - Add tags to the task

---- Original Idea Below ----

We've recently added a feature in Todo to help you quickly modify tasks by tapping and holding a task. A menu will pop up to let you duplicate a task, mark it due today, or postpone it one day.

Screenshot of Tap and Hold options in Appigo Todo

This feature is proving to be very helpful and we'd like to expand it to make it more useful for you specifically by letting you customize what shows up in the options. We're going to be adding options in Todo's settings area to let you specify which menu options appear and in what order they appear.

Some of the options we have initially identified:

"Assign" or "Take It" (assigns the task to you – helpful in shared task lists)Next Week (changes the due date to a week from "today")No Date (removes the due date)Project (switches task to a project)Checklist (switches the task to a checklist)

What would you like to see that we haven't already listed? Please add your comments below.

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The previous, customizable menu (shown above), allowed to work with individual tasks in a leaner way.

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