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Known Issues in Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7

Update (Friday, October 4, 2013): The Todo & Todo Cloud 7.0.1 updates are approved and available on the App Store.

Download Todo 7.0.1

Download Todo Cloud 7.0.1

Check out our blog to see everything that will be included:


If you find something you didn't expect, please let us know here. We're preparing a quick update release and want to make sure the app works well for you.

Issue: There is no way to get back to the original default wallpaper that shipped with the app for the background of the lists screen.
Workaround: Here's a link to the original photo used for the default wallpaper: Todo Default Wallpaper Photo. Download this photo to your iOS device by tapping on the photo link, then, when the image loads, tap and hold until you see the option to "Save Image". It will save to your iOS camera roll and you'll then be able to choose this as the Todo app wallpaper.
Status: If this is a common enough problem, we can add a "Default" option. Please leave your feedback if this is important to you.

The following previous issues were fixed in the 7.0.1 update:

  1. After upgrading your device to iOS 7 and installing an upgraded version of Todo, your device may not have automatically synchronized (app now prompts for sync password)
  2. Last-viewed list was not being opened if you terminated the app and re-launched it
  3. Todo 7 would erroneously prompt to connect with Todo Cloud when using the quick menu (tap and holding a task) to move a subtask from one project to another
  4. The delete option was missing from the quick menu (tap and holding a task). It's there now and available during multi-edit mode so you can delete many tasks all at once.
  5. Using member, context, and tag filters were a bit inconvenient because the toolbar would not stay opened after filtering and switching to a different screen. The toolbar is now "sticky" and will remain in the state you leave it.
  6. The app could crash if you prevented access to Contacts. This is fixed.
  7. Could not enter a phone number directly without tying it to a contact with the "Add task action..." You can now add a phone number without also adding a contact.
  8. For a detailed list of fixes in v7.0.1, check our blog post:

Hi The new release had created a major problem. I cannot access the sub tasks of checklists and project. It only displays the project title. As you can imagine this is major chaos for me. I need a fix today! Important projects and no data. Mike

Michael, I'm not sure why this was changed (it seems backwards to me), but the latest update changed the way you access checklist and project tasks. Quoting from the blog post (referenced above):

CHANGED method of navigating into a project/checklist (tap on the row to view subtasks, tap on count to edit details)

When you click to delete an action (contact/phone #/location/URL) from a task and then change your mind and click "Cancel"....the action still gets deleted.  This is bad. 

In the iPad and iPhone versions I cannot change the task type. If I created a simple task and want to convert it to a Checklist I cannot do it and before I could change the type of task in all versions.

Manuel, press and hold on the task until the Quick Menu comes up. At the bottom, you can change the task type.
I reported this earlier: on iPad when trying to set days of week for repeating task, the selection of days populates and then disappears. Here's a video.
I am in the process of returning to the new ToDo from Omnifocus after about 1.5 years. While I am trying to set up checklists that recur, I hit enter on the task... now I cannot find out how to set up Repeat after the task has been created. It's not in the Quick Menu deal.
Jason, this is the same issue that I mentioned to Michael earlier in this thread. Basically, after creating the checklist, you'll see the task with a coloured block on the right which represents the number of items in the checklist. You have to click on this block to edit the task details such as the repeat cycle.
How do I edit a checklist? A regular item when I click on it the edit menu comes up put not with checklist. If I hold on the checklist the quick menu comes up I can change the date but there is no place to change the time.
Glenn, please see my responses to Jason and Michael above. You have to click on the coloured block on the far right of the checklist to edit the details.

A feature I am missing in ToDo 7 is the option to export a todo item to the Notebook.  This was very handy when I realized that a todo had accumulated enough notes or information that I just wanted it over in the Notebook app (and in the Notes section of ToodleDo).

Is this function still available and I just don't know where to access it?  If not, could it be reinstated into ToDo 7?

John, iOS 7 changed the way that inter-app communication works and we are in the process of fixing it up. Right now, we are looking at re-introducing that capability (exporting a task to Notebook) as part of the v7.0.3 update.
In ToDo 7 I have noticed that when I call up the due date screen and touch the "today" button in the upper right corner of the calendar screen (which I love by the way), it will highlight today in red but when I touch it, it un-selects today and won't pop back to the details screen and insert today's date. Could you look into this?
Clinton, we've fixed the selection of the current due date problem and it will be releasing in the v7.0.2 update, which we hope is approved soon. Thanks for asking!
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