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[All] Persistant Task Alerts ( like alert snooze )

I would love to see some kind of persistent task support. Specifically, the ability to snooze an alert. Often, ToDo will remind me to do something, I get distracted, and then I forget to re-open ToDo to see what I have to do. When that happens, the task isn't done. I've resorted to using another application to do this for me (Due for iPhone - it will alert me every hour until I get the thing done), but now my tasks are spread out across multiple applications, which makes it hard to keep track of them.

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I had been a 5+year user of ToodleDo until I switched to Appigo TODO. LOVE IT! But I have to agree with all the other comments. I too get distracted after seeing a reminder and forget about it. Some sort of snooze function would be HUGE! It's literally the 1 shortcoming I can think of right now...
When you have feature like moving task "tomorrow", "Today","Next Week" then why can't 1hr,2 hrs, 3hr, 4hr, Saturday, Sunday be provided. Which are a substitute for snooze.
I have used so many GTD/To Do Apps and I found this app most stable and feature rich. In spite of such a good stability in apps I don't understand why such simple feature as snooze (by hour, hours, day, week) and postpone to weekend(Sat/Sunday) is not available. I hope the business team is reading this. I am a developer myself and this is crazy not to see this feature even after such a long time.
I'm still confused as to why after more than a year of discussion no snooze options have been implemented? I could list a handful of "todo" apps that do this with no issue. The app seems stable and works great so I'm not sure the "we're working on stability issues" holds true to be blunt. And if you want a pro subscription from me you'll have to add snooze options and some new alert sounds. Thanks!

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Matthew, this is good feedback.  Thanks for providing it.  And we're definitely going to tune back into these forums for upcoming features and ideas. We're still working on some stability issues however.  Thanks.

I have been a paying customer for multiple years now, and still no action on this one item that I need to use the app effectively.   There are many comments in this thread regarding our needs, but it is evident to me now that we will not get this feature.  I will not renew since Due is my champion for nagging reminders. 


Snooze is so essential because in busy life can one do a thing exactly at one point of time? 

So, I want to echo the above comment.

i. When creating the task and choosing an alert, provide a setting for snooze alerts and the desired interval

ii. Snooze a task when alert appears with  options of predefined intervals 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 8h, 1d, 2d, 1w  

I, too, really want the ability to get follow-up alerts with more options than just a 15-minute interval. 

Two ways to do this:
1. When creating the task and choosing an alert, provide a setting for snooze alerts and the desired interval
2. When the alert appears, give an easy-to-use option to specify snooze interval (maybe with some predefined values, like 15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 4h, 8h, 1d, 2d, 1w).



"Delay" (Todo Cloud on iOS8 on an iPhone 6) doesn't work for me - it does update the Todo item's due time (+15 mins) but I never get another notification. At least not until I manually go into the app again. From Jeff's (very helpful) responses I believe this is a bug, but if someone has figured out a way to make this work, please tell!

So much good discussion and options. Basically we need an effective persistent/nagging notification/alarm feature. Make it happen, please!

Dominic, I agree with you on a lot of this. Adding snooze functionality is nice, but it seems like it's kind of just the bare minimum. I also use Due, but I specifically use Due for mission critical can't forget things. I tend to leave Due reminders set to trigger every hour, but if it's really really urgent, I go with the every minute setting. Things that need to get done, but aren't quite as insanely time sensitive go into Todo. It works well enough.

The snooze thing fails for me in a couple of ways, though. First, since the Mac app doesn't seem to support the notification center, I can't snooze things there. One of the nice things about Apple Reminders is that if I forget to snooze something on the phone, when I go back to the Mac, the notification will be there, and I can snooze it there. (Side note: why on earth are "Todo" and "Todo Cloud" listed in the Notification Center settings on the Mac, when the app never ever triggers notifications? I just get the big alert in the middle of screen which is essentially useless.)

Second, there seems to be a bug with iOS 8.1 where snoozing an item from the lock screen wipes all of the notifications for that app. This absolutely destroys my work flow. It happens with Reminders as well as Todo, so I have to believe it's an iOS bug. 

I too would love to see those two style of alerts come together into one app. 

To answer your question, Dominic, the alerts appear in the same way that any other notification does on the iPhone. If your phone is awake, you'll get the banner/alert. If it's asleep, you get the notification on the lock screen. 

I would love to see some new options in the Quick Menu. In addition to postpone, or next week, how about +60 minutes or +4 hours, or even +5 minutes etc? If I could quickly reschedule something for the very near future, that would make me very happy indeed.

I wouldn't say "0 fanfare"... I've been following this topic and looking out for an update. However, task management is a rather essential part of life workflows so I'd expect many (like me) have had to adopt some other app and will check back infrequently to see what has changed/improved.

If a proper nagging alert system with snooze (like in Due, the current champion) is implemented in an full-blown task management app (which Due is not and so falls short in that respect), then I'll certainly give it another go. When I next come around to inspect the task app landscape that is (normally every few months).

Anyway, I have yet to try the latest update. I briefly installed the latest To Do 7 iOS app on my iPhone 6, noticed the loading screen wasn't all squished (scaled weirdly, probably due to the new resolution), and decided I'll wait a bit longer :)

But if it works like you described Jon, I'm not sure it's the complete solution I need...

1. I need to kick some tasks down the road at variable distances. A fixed 15 minute option is no good for me. Sometimes it's 15 minutes, but often it's an hour (or two, three, ...), sometimes a day, sometimes only a few minutes (yes, I'm that forgetful). Due gives you a minute, hour and day button and you simply tap either several times quickly to multiply... so e.g. I need to snooze by 3 minutes... I simply tap-tap-tap on the minute button and return to forgetfulness.

2. Does the notification keep nagging me at all? You mentioned "if" it appears on the notifications screen. Current/normal notifications just don't cut it for me. A single sound alert can easily be missed or ignored. It needs to keep piling those alerts into the notification system in the background and keep sounding non-stop until I react (by either delaying or completing).

Currently I'm back to using a two-app approach. Todoist and Due. I'd still love to see a single app handle both styles of task/reminder management but maybe it's just too niche a requisite, or maybe it's just too difficult to afford the resources. Due's approach is literally perfect. It's the longest running app on my iPhone... I must have had it installed for about 4 years now. But it's a very focused app that purposely doesn't get into full-blown task management. Perhaps the fact no one else can seemingly get the two together is reason enough for it to stay that way :)

As always though, thanks to the Appigo devs for adding new functionality to their products. I'm sure some will find the new "snooze" feature useful. I'll certainly check it out at some point.

Well, they finally did this, with 0 fanfare at all. If you have iOS 8, you can take advantage of this. If a notification shows up on the lock screen, you can swipe to the left to reveal "Delay" and "mark as complete" buttons. "Delay" is "Snooze". When I do this, for some reason I have to use Touch ID to verify it, but it then resets the task's due time to 15 minutes in the future. 

You can snooze (excuse me, "delay") a task from the alert that appears if you are not on the lock screen as well. 

This is a great first stab. I wish the Mac and web versions would let me do this too, but hey, baby steps, right?

@appigpo: I bet you attrat significantly more new users (e.g. Switching from Wunderlist) with this feature implemented and shown in the searchable app store description.
Great Idea. The missing alert repeater "until done or postponed" is definitely a critical todo app feature and high priority from my business user perspective. I would love to see it implemented. has some kind of snooze feature and as soon as todo cloud has one as well I will remove
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