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[All] Persistant Task Alerts ( like alert snooze )

I would love to see some kind of persistent task support. Specifically, the ability to snooze an alert. Often, ToDo will remind me to do something, I get distracted, and then I forget to re-open ToDo to see what I have to do. When that happens, the task isn't done. I've resorted to using another application to do this for me (Due for iPhone - it will alert me every hour until I get the thing done), but now my tasks are spread out across multiple applications, which makes it hard to keep track of them.

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Part of the challenge with this is Apple doesn't allow us to be in the loop on the alert so we can't have a snooze button on the alerts.  We could however create an alert option that will not only alert you but continue to alert you at a regular interval until you get it done.  That isn't as elegant as a simple snooze button but certainly wouldn't let you forget about the task.  Let me know what you think.

That would make me very happy indeed! Ideally, the duration between alerts would be configurable. Thanks!

This would allow me to begin using Todo Pro again.  The app I am using now does exactly what you are suggesting, and allows me to set a Nag, or interval to be alerted until done.   Without this feature, I just miss the alerts, and I get distracted as well, and miss everything.  The other application has been useful for me, because it has this ONE feature, and I get everything done now eventually through constant nags.


I can see myself and other using this feature.

I would like to add my strong support for this feature. You should be able to set a task to continue to alert you every x minutes until the task is marked completed. Without this feature reminders are kind of useless - in my opinion - because unless you complete the task right away it's very easy to forget about it. Please, please, please!!!


I would love to have a snooze option as well.  There is another app (not going to mention the name) that allows you to snooze alerts.

Thank you Erik, I agree.  Todo let's you do almost everything you could ever want an organizational tool to do, with the exception of reminding you in an effective way that you need to do it.  When this feature is put into the product, many people will begin to use the tool again including me.


This is a great idea.  You know I stopped assigning Times to my tasks because of this.  I have a ton of things to do and the moment I miss a task with a time set.... the whole focus list falls apart because the red task just sits there undone and forgotten about.  I quick button that says "Delay for 5,15,15,30,60"  would make the world a better place :)

Amen !!  I have accepted as age sets in that I need all the help I can get.  I have to set a timer when I boil water because I will get busy & forget until it's half boiled away ... LOL  I call it "burning water". ;-)  A "nag" type alert would be a big plus.  

@Calvin ... I understand "Apple" constraints don't allow a "snooze" but I would definitely use an "internal option" even I have to set it for the individual task.  If there was a default to "nag" mode I would leave it set for all tasks with a due date.

Apple does allow snoozing. There are a couple of apps out there that have the option.

This could be added to the Android app, though. It has my vote. This is another reason why I switched from an iPhone to SGS4. Tired of the limits Apple places on developers in so many silly ways.

I have been using this product for a month or so and have really enjoyed it except for this one problem.  I really need to have consistent task alerts or things get missed like others have mentioned.  This will probably be a deal breaker for me unless it is added soon.  Please make this update!!!



To echo Erik's suggestion, it would be nice to set the default for all new tasks to have a persistent alert option set for X, where X could be a) none, or b) x minutes.   Then when creating a new task, I could choose to override the default.  If I choose 5 minutes, Todo Plus would reissue an new alert every 5 minutes until I mark the task complete.   This would alleviate any issue that iOS has, as many todo type applications in the apple store already have this feature.  On the surface, I realize that this request we are all making is not high priority, but you have understand that having a Todo application that can not effectively remind you of tasks, is useless.  I hope you see this point.


 Matthew Reddick: "On the surface, I realize that this request we are all making is not high priority, but you have understand that having a Todo application that can not effectively remind you of tasks, is useless."

This is a great point, but it also seems contradictory to me. If a missing feature makes the application useless, I would argue it is in fact a high priority issue. I agree 100% with this, but I worry that downplaying the usefulness of this idea will reduce its chances of getting implemented.

Happy to see others see things the way I do! Appigo, any thoughts on this?

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