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[All] Persistant Task Alerts ( like alert snooze )

I would love to see some kind of persistent task support. Specifically, the ability to snooze an alert. Often, ToDo will remind me to do something, I get distracted, and then I forget to re-open ToDo to see what I have to do. When that happens, the task isn't done. I've resorted to using another application to do this for me (Due for iPhone - it will alert me every hour until I get the thing done), but now my tasks are spread out across multiple applications, which makes it hard to keep track of them.

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I have used so many GTD/To Do Apps and I found this app most stable and feature rich. In spite of such a good stability in apps I don't understand why such simple feature as snooze (by hour, hours, day, week) and postpone to weekend(Sat/Sunday) is not available. I hope the business team is reading this. I am a developer myself and this is crazy not to see this feature even after such a long time.
When you have feature like moving task "tomorrow", "Today","Next Week" then why can't 1hr,2 hrs, 3hr, 4hr, Saturday, Sunday be provided. Which are a substitute for snooze.
I had been a 5+year user of ToodleDo until I switched to Appigo TODO. LOVE IT! But I have to agree with all the other comments. I too get distracted after seeing a reminder and forget about it. Some sort of snooze function would be HUGE! It's literally the 1 shortcoming I can think of right now...
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