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Quick add on Lists view

Perhaps I am missing something, but i don't see an option for a quick add any more in Todo. I must click a list then the + button to add an item. It would be nice from the home screen, as in the previous version to quickly add items without selecting a list. This is the behavior on iPad, because a list is always selected and in view.



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Chris,  I'm moving this over to product suggestions.  This is something we've had some feedback on and almost put a solution into the 7.0.1 fix but couldn't find one that fit correctly.  I'd like to have it here to hear other people's input and get a discussion on it.

Something else to consider is that in 7.0, there was an issue where Todo wouldn't launch back to the list you already had selected. This is one of the things we fixed in v7.0.1 ... the last list you were viewing will appear again when you launch the app (which means task adding will be available right there). This should reduce the need for adding a task from the lists screen (since you'll theoretically not see the lists screen as often).


If this is a request for a quick add TASK on the home screen, I agree. Adding a task with one tap is essential for productivity.

 Yes, yes, yes. It seems amazing there's no add and quick add button on the home\list screen as we did in v6. When you open Todo one of the most frequent things to want to do is create a new task. To have to go into a list each time before being able to do this is very irritating and slows things down.

Calvin, could you not just place them at the top right of the main list screen? At the moment the top bar is completely empty apart from the word "Todo" appearing in the middle. There appears to be room.

What do you mean about struggling to get it to fit?

The first thing that I notice when I have used todo cloud,
So I decided to stay with my older version of todo.


My least favorite change in the new update. The intuitive thing would be for the plus sign to add a new task, not a new list. I can't imagine people are adding new lists frequently enough to warrant that. Another possibility: I don't need that Help question mark. I'd like at least an option to replace that with a quick add icon. 

Just and FYI for this discussion, quick-add was added back into the lists view in version 7.0.2 which is now on the App Store.

Thanks for sharing that! I had pretty much stopped looking at the list view because it lacked quick add, so I completely missed that feature addition. Great to have!

Quick-add is back so please tag this suggestion thread with IMPLEMENTED! Thanks.
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