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[Todo iOS] iOS "Today" integration

I thought I'd put this forward as a suggestion.

iOS 7 has a new "Today" section in the notification area. It can be configured to include Reminders, but if you are using ToDo, you are unlikely to be using Reminders for anything other than adding tasks to ToDo via Siri.

I think that this Today section will get better over time, particulalry with Apple's alleged acquisition of CUE, so wouldn't it be great if ToDo tasks could also appear in this section.

I've no idea whether there is an API to get things in there, but you could get them in by exposing ToDo items as a CalDav for the Reminders app to see (a bit like you already do for Siri). If you were to do this, then you could also configure the native calendar app to display tasks on their due dates (and times) too if you wanted.

Just a thought...


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Rob,  you are correct, there is no API into the "Today" notification area currently.  We looked into exposing them the way you described, the problem is when you select them it would launch Reminders and not Todo.  We're hoping that opens up and we can put items in there.  At this point I think it would be quite confusing to create tasks in Todo, have them show up there, but when you select them it opens another app.

Ah, yes. I forgot that Reminders would be opened. It's just nice to see them there.

I guess it could be confusing, but if you have gone to the trouble of setting up the CalDav settings to do this, you are probably the sort of 'adventurous' person that *should* know what they are letting themselves in for, so possibly not that bad. It would be good to know what Apple's intentions are around this though.

I'd like to have the option for a list view of today's events (one line each) at the top of the todo list within ToDo?

Add a 'Today' folder between 'All Tasks' and 'Focus List'. Although the Focus List can be set to show 'today' only, I like the idea of a today only (or today and overdue) list leaving the focus list to get a quick view of what the following day or days (sellect setting) hold in store.

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