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[Todo 7] Priority visualization in iOS 7 app

I finally upgraded to iOS 7 and the new Todo Cloud app, and although most of the changes seem pretty reasonable, I'm not fond of the "!" display for priority.  In my mind, "low" priority is something you don't want to jump out at you - heck, I often don't get around to those tasks on the day they're due - but even a single exclamation mark jumps out as "look at me!".  So having !, !!, and !!! as priorities just looks like, "high", "really high", and "oh my god the world is going to end!" instead of low, medium, and high.  (The Grammar Nazi in me panics looking at all those intense tasks!)

So...a long post to request an option to set the priority visualization back to colors and/or bars that are a little easier to differentiate, and a little less anxiety-inducing.

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This looks like it might be an old thread, but I'm VERY interested in getting rid of those goofy !!! exclamation marks in every task. Even if you don't provide some alternative indicators for priorities, at the bare minimum give us the option to simply suppress the display of them in our tasks. They really clutter things up!

I completely agree! I would love to see the ABC system if you could pull it off but anything more distinctive than the !, !!, !!!) would be a tremendous improvement.

New ToDo 7 user here --- liking it -- thanks. 

But I've spent quite a bit of time trying to find info on the display of tasks; this posting looks like the answer. The !!! is a major distraction to a simple interface. I vote to change this; many good ways suggested here.

Related to this --- more superfluous info cluttering the display of tasks:

What do various the colors of the !!!s mean? I see several colors, some bold/some not -- colors: pink, dark red, bright red, black and grey. I think they are reflecting the highlight color I selected for the various lists I use. Anyway --- none of this colored !!! information is useful to me! 


Hey Jeff,

Any update on this?

I finally updated to Todo 7 and holy visual overload! The lists already have headers for the priority (at least if you sort by priority, which most people probably do), so the exclamation marks seem totally superfluous to me.

At a minimum it would be great to just be able to toggle the exclamation marks on or off (please!). Being able to color code tasks by priority (again, please provide a toggle though) would be a nice to have.

Thanks Jeff if you can update this thread.

Now that I've been using Todo 7 for a while, I too would like to add that the ! is not a good indication of priority. When there is !! and !!! my old eyes have trouble discerning the difference. Hopefully for the next update the ! will be removed and the priority indicators will be back to the way they were; or at least have different options for different users.

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! agree, ! bu!!d human machine !nterfaces for a l!v!ng and abnormal s!tuat!on stud!es and human relat!ions des!gn needs a !!tt!e more than explanat!on po!nts !n the meant!me ! Am go!ng back to vers!on 6
I have added this to the list of items to be considered for the next update.


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As a long time Todo user who's now in my 50s it's next to impossible trying to see those !.

Don't understand why you would take away such a useful option.  I gladly paid for version 7 because I always like to support your hard work but I'm unable to use version 7 until you add in some other options besides those !s.

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I agree with the above remarks. Also '!!!' is not the best hight priority marking - it doesn't really stand out. Some big, bold icon would be better.

I agree, the old version had a more appealing visual system

I agree. The "!, !!, and !!!" are really messing with my head. 

! is not a great iconic mark.

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In addition to that, the priority icons are not as eye catching as in the old version. I want to be able to see the top priority tasks by quick glance.
I agree.   When I first moved from Todo 6 to 7 and saw the exclamation point, I was confused.  Luckily I searched and found this post to clear up the mystery as to why it was even there.


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