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[Done] Multilevel subtasks

As a business user most data I deal with is hierarchical, and in most cases a "task" needs to be broken down into subtasks and finally into concrete "to dos". This requires more levels of subtasks than what is possible in ToDo just now.

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I agree having the ability to have subtasks in subtasks would be extremely helpful


This would be very helpful as Lists are not granular enough and a subtask list would make things clearer and cleaner to group tasks within a list.

I agree perhaps when each subtask is completed a percentage of completion will appear next to the main overall task


This would be very helpful.

I'll have to strongly agree here.  As a project manager, this would be highly useful.  Right now I have to create multiple projects for one to handle the subtasks.


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Agreed.  This would be a VERY valuable feature, as would the ability for subtasks to self-promote themselves, a la the "Next Action" capability of OmniFocus and GTD in general.


That is the only missing feature for todo 6 (in my opinion as normal individual).
You get my vote


Currently with a Todo Cloud Premium subscription you can create a project and then add a checklist list to a project to add another level or organization.