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[All] Feature request; hiding "All Task" "Focus" "Starred Tasks" and "Inbox" if desired from main view

I would really like an option to hide the lists "All Task" "Focus" "Starred Tasks" and "Inbox" if desired from main view.  Or at least move them to below my own created lists.

My lists fall off the bottom of the screen, while ones I don't use such as "Focus" "Starred Tasks" and "Inbox" are given top billing.  I use "All Tasks"sometimes, but would like to be able to hide it when desired as well.

This would be a toggle switch in the General settings menu, ideally.

Thanks for the great product!  I have been using various iterations of ToDo since I got an iPhone.  Looked at replacements, but I quickly come back.


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I like this ideo to! according to this, it would be great to edit the starting view. For example the list of all tasks is on the first view.


I am a new Todo user and this was the first thought I had while setting up my system.

I would like the option to hide these too. I use the Focus List, but I do not use "All Items", "Inbox", or "Starred Tasks". Having these in the list is a waste of valuable screen real estate, especially in the iPhone app.

Adding my vote to see this added to the product! It's long overdue.
I don’t know why my app opens in starred tasks when I have no starred tasks. It’s a waste of time and space for me to see this. We need the option to customize what we see.

You can now delete all lists except for the Everything, and Inbox list. These two lists cannot be hidden/removed. 

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