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Tips for using iOS 7 background app refresh in Todo with iCloud

Background app refresh is a great new addition to iOS 7. It allows apps like Todo to refresh their content in the background when the app is not actively being used.

According to Apple (

"iOS learns patterns based on your use of the device and tries to predict when an app should be updated in the background. It also learns when the device is typically inactive, such as during the night, to reduce update frequency when the device not used."

Todo participates in the background app refresh as long as you do not disable it in your device settings. However, keep in mind the following when using iCloud:

  1. After Todo informs iCloud of task updates, it does not control when iCloud will push those updates to other devices
    1. It could be possible that even though background app refresh runs on your other devices, the changes from iCloud may not yet have been updated by iCloud in time
    2. It may take longer than expected for task changes to propagate to all your iOS devices when using iCloud
  2. Third party apps cannot control when background app refresh will occur
    1. iOS 7 learns patterns of your usage behavior to determine when background app refresh runs
    2. Immediate changes across all your devices is likely not to happen through the background app refresh feature
    3. Todo registers to participate with background app refresh as frequent as possible
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