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[Todo iOS] Swipe to quickly postpone

I'm really good at putting things off, so find myself tapping on a task to change the due date. You can already swipe left to delete a task, why not add swipe right to postpone it? The further you swipe, the longer the delay, e.g. Tomorrow, 2 days, next week and someday. A bit like Mail Pilot's new app. Or do it like the Mailbox app.

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I also frequently schedule more than I can accomplish and end up postponing many tasks.  Please make the postpone duration customizable (at least in settings, if not customizable per task as above) and the faster it is to postpone a task the better since that is one of my most frequent actions.  Thanks.

Currently this can be done by using the quick menu. If you tap and hold on a task, the quick menu will be displayed. You may then choose, Post Pone (to set the tasks due date ahead one day), Tomorrow (to set the due date to tomorrow), Next Week, or Due Date to set a custom due date.

Also note that the quick menu can be customized in settings.

If you would like to postpone multiple tasks this can be done using the action button (button with three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner. Simply tap the action button, select your tasks, select next, and choose an option.


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