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Todo Mac looking dated now!

I love the new Todo for iOS 7 but it is showing up Todo for Mac, which is looking a bit dated and grey in comparison.  Any plans to update and modernize the UI?  Thanks!

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Yes. It's on our to-do list. We usually lead out with new designs on the iOS app and then trickle those ideas down to the other app offerings. Thanks for asking!


In other words, I can only use ToDo 7 on my iPhone and iPad? will they sync to the Mac Todo? and will the Mac ToDo sync to the iPhone and iPad?

Todo 7 will still sync with Todo for Mac and Todo for Mac will sync with Todo 7 on your iOS devices.


+1 on this. I totally agree with Carol. The UX on the iOS apps is best-of-class. Looking forward to a Mac client overhaul ;)

I agree fully with Carol. The iOS7 version is dynamic and beautiful while the Mac version is extremely bland, leaving MUCH to be desired. Unfortunately, I have used other GTD apps because of the Mac version's inconsistent design and delayed upgrade. It's been 4 months since this thread started - when should we expect an upgrade to ToDo Pro for Mac? (Please don't give a generic and overly non-specific timeframe). Thanks 

We agree too, can't wait to show you what we've been working on for the Mac version. I can't promise a specific release date, but it's what we're actively working on.


And a +1 from too ;)

Some things that I would love in the Mac version: AppleScripting, and an easier way of setting the due time on todos. And of course an updated UX =)

AppleScripting would be great so I could better integrate, Mail Tags and Mail Act-On. And Evernote.

Will the new Mac App be a free upgrade?

I hope it will be a free upgrade because I just bought the Mac version.

What's the status on the new Mac version?

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