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Optimizing Tag Entry with large # of existing tags

I've got a ton of tags and it takes forever to scroll to the bottom of the list to add/remove tags. So much so, I don't use Todo to make the modification (usually I just edit it on the ToodleDo website) which isn't as convenient as it requires two steps in two apps. It would be nice if one of the following options were available for tag entry: 1. Free form tag entry field 2. Free form field w/look ahead so a list of matching tags is displayed as the user types 3. Scrubber that lets you just directly to the first letter of the alphabet via a tap (or some other rapid navigation option). It would be nice if both #2 and #3 could be added, but if prioritization is necessary, #2 is preferred.

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That might work for others, but I need to sync with ToodleDo which doesn't offer nested tags.

How about nested tags? 

This would keep the appearance of tag lists shorter and enable you to drill down through long lists of tasks.


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