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Revamped projects

Dear Appigo inc.

Please include those simple features in projects:

1) Sub-task and Sub-sub-task

At least for three levels, i.e Project(goal) then tasks then subtasks then subsubtasks.

This would help a lot especially for hierarchical tasks.

2) Automatic due dates.

For a project with many tasks and its sub-task assigning different due dates for each task is headache task by itself.

Project should have the feature of automatically setting due dates for its tasks by entering the time difference between tasks and due date for 1st task, then the app should do the rest.

(Of course, this feature is applicable only if the difference between tasks is the same for all tasks, i.e 10 tasks and each task should be completed every two days)

3) Percentage of completion of project, and of each task.

I guess this is clear and no need for further explanation.

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Especially for Projects it would be nice to have Subtasks to keep the overview.


If you are using Todo Cloud you can have projects that are able to hold checklist items. This would give you the Sub-sub-tasks you have requested.


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