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[All] Smart Lists

I would like to see smart lists (saved filtered lists) that show all tasks with certain user defined criteria, e.g. smart list 1 = list 1 + context B + tag a, b and c, smart list 2 = list 1 + context A + tag a and c, etc.

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I was just about to suggest this very thing. Sometimes I add location-based tasks without a due date, and then can't find them easily. It would be nice to be able to create a smart list that only contained location-based tasks, or "due in the next week" or "tasks that contain the word 'house'".


This would be a huge addition. Please add

This feature is a must have. Please add. Thanks.

This would be really handy for me.  I am not on Windows Enterprise Server, so Outlook Categories get synchronized to Todo Tags.  I have spent a lot of time configuring Outlook to work with the GTD methodology, including installing an Outlook add-in for GTD.  This add-in uses Outlook Categories to support GTD.  It would be really handy to have the ability to create a smart list (as described by Thomas Feldmann, above) for each of my Outlook Categories, based on Todo Tags.

I support, this would be very cool feature! My desired criteria are:

  • list
  • start date
  • due date
  • is completed?
  • completed date 
  • priority (>=, ==, <=)
  • context
  • tags (AND/OR)
  • has reminder
  • has location reminder
  • type: standart, project, checklist
  • has action: contact, visit web, visit location

+1  PLEASE! Im surprised this is not already planned or implemented. 

+1  -  Please add this invaluable function.

Very important to me.
Also include option to specify window size,  whether sidebar is open, and other attributes of the view.
I have some views that are very narrow to-do lists and others that are wider for organizing.


One more vote for this ----  I'd greatly like to have this capability. For instance, I'd like to have a smart list showing only errands (a list category) to run today+overdue.

Another vote for Smart Lists.

Would also love smartLists.  Thanks

Another vote for smart lists!



Wanted to construct a Due Yesterday List rather than page through the overdue stuff that needs to be reset...


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