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[All] Smart Lists

I would like to see smart lists (saved filtered lists) that show all tasks with certain user defined criteria, e.g. smart list 1 = list 1 + context B + tag a, b and c, smart list 2 = list 1 + context A + tag a and c, etc.

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Another vote for Smart Lists.


Smart lists! Please strongly consider this. I am using other apps but want to continue to use ToDo. Without smart lists, I am being driven away;-)

 Smart list is a must for mobile users.


This feature is a must have. Please add. Thanks.



It would be great to have quick filters/smart lists like this so you could see only tasks that fit a specific criteria - for example "Today" "Overdue" "High Priority"

This would be really handy for me.  I am not on Windows Enterprise Server, so Outlook Categories get synchronized to Todo Tags.  I have spent a lot of time configuring Outlook to work with the GTD methodology, including installing an Outlook add-in for GTD.  This add-in uses Outlook Categories to support GTD.  It would be really handy to have the ability to create a smart list (as described by Thomas Feldmann, above) for each of my Outlook Categories, based on Todo Tags.


Wanted to construct a Due Yesterday List rather than page through the overdue stuff that needs to be reset...

Very important to me.
Also include option to specify window size,  whether sidebar is open, and other attributes of the view.
I have some views that are very narrow to-do lists and others that are wider for organizing.


This would be a huge addition. Please add

I support, this would be very cool feature! My desired criteria are:

  • list
  • start date
  • due date
  • is completed?
  • completed date 
  • priority (>=, ==, <=)
  • context
  • tags (AND/OR)
  • has reminder
  • has location reminder
  • type: standart, project, checklist
  • has action: contact, visit web, visit location
I was just about to suggest this very thing. Sometimes I add location-based tasks without a due date, and then can't find them easily. It would be nice to be able to create a smart list that only contained location-based tasks, or "due in the next week" or "tasks that contain the word 'house'".


+1  -  Please add this invaluable function.

One more vote for this ----  I'd greatly like to have this capability. For instance, I'd like to have a smart list showing only errands (a list category) to run today+overdue.

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