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[Done] - Order of Lists

 I'd really appreciate to order my folders as I like, as far as I see it is just alphabetical now.

I really work much with these lists so it would be really helpful.

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This is done and available in Todo 7.

I guess, what the commenter asked for (and what I also the biggest problem I see with almost any ToDo list) is that you cannot simply manually order your list.

I guess that's also my #1 show stopper still I guess it's not so hard to implement. Right?

We've been able to order tasks in a list manually for a long time.  Click on the "bars" in the toolbar and you'll go into multi-edit mode.  At that point you can drag and drop the tasks in any order you want.

With Todo 7 you have a similar feature with the lists.  You can not only drag and drop to re-order them, you can also ad spaces to "group" then into organizations.

OK. I could find it in the Todo Cloud App (for iPhone / iPad). But I could not find it in Todo on the Mac. I own TODO 2.0.7 on the Mac. Any hints?
UPDATE: Forget my question!  I found out myself... On the desktop app there is no "enter re-order mode" button. You just simply use drag'n'drop. What else? (Stupid me!).


It hasn't been added yet to Todo Mac or the Todo Cloud web interface.  That is coming and it will sync up with what we have now in the Todo iOS apps.

This discussion is 7 months old.  Have you implemented the ordering of lists on the Mac app?  As I am looking at switching over to ToDocloud, this is one of my major frustrations.

I'd also like to know the status of adding this functionality, both for the Todo Cloud web interface, and for the Android app.

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