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[All] Attach Documents

The product really needs the ability to attach documents and have them sync to all devices.  I would like to be able to forward emails with attachments and have them show up in the inbox.  This would also be very helpful when sharing tasks among team members.

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I like the idea. I few other big brand syncing services such as do this very well.  It can be complex for both the service provider and the user because it rasises some very good questions like:

When you complete a task where does the document go? 

was it a living document that was edited and how do edits get archived? 

where is it stored? (a local copy on each device like dropbox functions or a link only copy on the main server)

... long story short, I hope it happens but if it does I hope it's done well.... I've seen other Database type programs attempt to do this and it just made the syncing & running of the program horrendously sluggish.

Any idea if or when the ability to attach docs and pics will be available?

We've learned by sad experience to never promise dates for features. This is something that we are looking into and considering for a future update.


I think I've figured out a temporary "work around". I'm placing the document(s) I want to "attach" in Dropbox then copy/pasting the link URL into the comments or notes. It's not the best but at least it allows users on a shared task to be able to retrieve and look at a document related to the task.

Yes, it's a bit clumsy but it at least lets me share the documents.

BTW, I have posted this to another related forum entry as well so please don't chastise me too much if I shouldn't have. :-)

Decent workaround using Dropbox. Thanks!


Attachments are critical to stay organized.  I use Th*&%s now and it's one of my favorite parts of the program. I can add photos, emails, documents, contacts and everything is all organized in one place. I started with ToDo and switched over because of this feature. I do love your interface, but the attachment capability makes the program complete.  Please add it to ToDo.

This would set To-Do Cloud apart from all the other ToDo programs. I've been looking for this as the main feature from all the programs that help me organize.

Actually the lack of attachment support separates Appigo ToDo from several other options that do this well.  This is the main reason that I moved over to another product.  I would definitely consider coming back if this support were added.

Yep...agreed. Attachments are a must.

Being able to attach documents/emails would make this program 100% better for me!

A picture is worth a thousand words. If we could attach Pictures or other to task it would be incredibly helpful!!

I also use the Dropbox option ....quite effective

The problem for me is that without the attachment option, I can't use Appigo Todo as my trusted inbox.  80% of my tasks come via email and I would like to forward those to my trusted inbox to process later.  But what happens currently is either:

  1. I forward the email to Todo and it shows up stripped of attachments. Then, when I'm processing my inbox I have to go back and find the email and bring it back into my working environment before I can finish processing my inbox.
  2. I stop what I'm currently doing to separate the attachment from the email, forward the email to Todo, upload the attachment to my cloud storage, get a link back to cloud storage, go back to Todo to paste the link for future use, and then go back to the other business at hand.
With the attachment option, I can process the attachment when I'm processing my inbox without interrupting my workflow or worry about losing stripped attachments in my email account if I happen to purge my old mail.  If I want it in my cloud storage account or other collaborative environment I can do it then without interrupting my workflow.
Agreed. Following this thread with interest because I cannot use ToDo until this implemented, for the reasons you describe.
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