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Missing feature: View all tasks within context X


I would really like to see a feature to show me all tasks within a specific context.

Currently, this is only possible by using a filter e.g. on the "All tasks" list.

My idea would be to have, e.g. below the list of user lists, a list of all contexts. When clicking on one of those contexts, it should show all tasks across all lists that belog to this context. It would also be great to have a counter shown to see the number of tasks belonging to this context.



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This would be really useful - or even to be able to set up custom lists for a particular context, set of contexts or tags.

This would make ToDo cloud really flexible. The main things I need are to be able to categorise tasks by are:

- project

- person

- location

(and then organise by due date, etc.)

I find ToDo Cloud really quick and intuitive to use (the press and hold on the iPad makes it really quick to manage tasks and move them to a different date, etc.). However, I've been trialing moving to omnifocus because it will let me create custom lists which are filtered just for particular contexts (i.e. people). 

Adding customisable lists, that could filter all tasks by context or tag, would let me use contexts or tags to also organise the tasks by person or by location. e.g. I could use a context for each person, and then have a customised list for each person, so that when I'm with them I can review all the tasks that I need their input on.



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