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Total Tasks Left Count Displayed ... Reduce

Like many, I use ToDo for many things, projects, delegation and even note taking. 

One of the things that always throws me off is total task count.

Example: I have a Project Called "Create a Finance Report".  Within this project I have 10 things to do.  Appigo ToDo counts this as 11 things to do when in reality when I complete 10 things, the project is complete. 

Doesn't sound like a big deal?  Well, I have dozens of projects inside dozens of lists, and when while my "ALL" count and "Focus" count often may show over 100 things to do, I have manually subtract the number of over 50 project lists & checklists.  

Bottom line:

I have a lot less things to do than the number displayed on the screen

Can we add an option in settings to turn on/off "Count Projects/Check Lists" as Tasks  ??

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well that's 1 vote.  Any admins provide some feedback on this? Just a share of thought behind the premise and the proposition?

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