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Changing Accounts in ToDo Pro (Mac)

I want to change my account on ToDo Pro on my Mac, so that I can sync with my iPhone and iPad, which I set up on a different account than ToDo Pro (months between them, and I accidentally used a different email address).

When I go to Account Information and try to "Modify" I get an error message that says:  " Connection Error: That account does not match the account you've been using. Please try again.".  

I tried dragging the application to the trash, re-downloading it, and re-setting it up... but I got the same error.

Any idea how to get this done anyone?

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I went though this process all worked well, but then I was "restructured" out of my job and my work email is dead and I cannot access it.  I paid for a year of premium membership and want to switch this account and membership to my personal email address but cannot do it.

After following your advice all was fine until I quit the app. Upon restarting It reverts to the "This app is built exclusively for ToDo Pro" every time. Advice appreciated

Hi Lee, Thanks for the extra detail. I'm not entirely sure what could be causing this, but hopefully we can get this sorted out. After you delete the ~/Library/Container/com.appigo.todopromac directory, reinstall, and launch again, is the app able to create the ~/Library/Container/com.appigo.todopromac directory again? 

The app stores your username and password in your keychain. If it cannot access/find your keychain information when it launches, it wouldn't be able to log in. Perhaps this is what's going on?

Digging a little deeper, if you were to open the app preferences file (~/Library/Containers/com.appigo.todopromac/Data/Library/Preferences/com.appigo.todopromac.plist), you should be able to see a key named, "TDOLoginName". The value of that key should be the email address you use to log in to your Todo Cloud account. Is that value there?

Now let's see if your password is being stored in your Keychain. Open the Keychain Access app (from your Applications/Utilities folder). Highlight the login keychain and select the Passwords category. The name of the keychain item will be, "Todo Pro" (kind is "application password"). The Account property of that item will be the email address you use to sign in to your account. Does this item exist in your keychain?

If it does, double-click on it, select the Access Control tab and make sure that Todo Pro is showing up in the list of allowed applications. If the app doesn't show up, make sure to add it.

Quit Todo Pro and re-launch and please let me know what you find. Oh, also, it may be helpful to know what version of OS X you are running (Apple Menu > About This Mac). Sorry for the trouble. Hopefully we'll get it working well for you soon!

Yes, I'm having the same problem.

I was using ToDo Pro quite sometime ago, I didn't renew my subscription, and now that I've signed up again under a new email address I find that I can't change accounts.

I  have the same problem. Was using ToDo Pro quite sometime ago, I didn't renew my subscription, and now that I've signed up again under a new email address I find that I can't change accounts. 


By design, the app was made to not easily switch from account to account. Someone could then more easily just keep signing up for new accounts with a 14-day trial. I'm sure none of you are in that camp. ;)

If you do need to switch the account for a legitimate reason, you'll need to quit the app and delete the associated preference files before restarting. Todo is a sandboxed app and so you'll also want to make sure you delete the preference files in /Users/[your username]/Library/Containers/com.appigo.todopromac


To change your user name in Todo Cloud please do the following:

-Log into your Todo Cloud account from your web browser
-Click settings (gears upper right corner)
-Click account (left menu)
-Move your cursor over user name and click edit when it appears
-Enter the email you would like to use

On you iOS devices:
-Open Todo
-Open Settings
-Touch Synchronization
-Touch Service
-Enter you new user name

-Open Todo
-Click Todo > Preference from the menu bar
-Click the Synchronization Tab
-Click the Modify button
-Click Update
-Enter your credentials.


Lee, that's expected. You just need to connect to your Todo Pro (Todo Cloud) account and you'll be back up and going again.


But it happens every single time I restart the app! Doesn't happen on my laptop or home desktop, only the work one where I mistakenly used the old account initially. There must be a way to revert to a fresh installation and have the app retain the info after restarting as on my other systems?

Hmm. If you delete the app and then delete the /Users/[your username]/Library/Containers/com.appigo.todopromac directory ... and then reinstall the app, the same thing happens?

Do you have any other /Users/[your username]/Library/Container/com.appigo.* directories?


Same issue? I looked in the /Library/Application Support but found nothing from appigo to erase. Any help from tech support, or do they like most just take the money?


yes, the same thing happens every restart despite following your instructions

no, I have no other appigo directories in the Container folder

Hi Lee, can you also check that you don't have a com.appigo.* directory in ~/Library/Application Support/

Are you able to get past that screen and enter your username and password ... and continue normal usage?


Question. I accidentally entered my original email address with a .com. My proper email is .net. I cannot seem to be able to change it and all emails are being sent to the wrong address. I can change the password but never he email suffix. Can you help?
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