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Changing Accounts in ToDo Pro (Mac)

I want to change my account on ToDo Pro on my Mac, so that I can sync with my iPhone and iPad, which I set up on a different account than ToDo Pro (months between them, and I accidentally used a different email address).

When I go to Account Information and try to "Modify" I get an error message that says:  " Connection Error: That account does not match the account you've been using. Please try again.".  

I tried dragging the application to the trash, re-downloading it, and re-setting it up... but I got the same error.

Any idea how to get this done anyone?

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I went though this process all worked well, but then I was "restructured" out of my job and my work email is dead and I cannot access it.  I paid for a year of premium membership and want to switch this account and membership to my personal email address but cannot do it.

To change your user name in Todo Cloud please do the following:

-Log into your Todo Cloud account from your web browser
-Click settings (gears upper right corner)
-Click account (left menu)
-Move your cursor over user name and click edit when it appears
-Enter the email you would like to use

On you iOS devices:
-Open Todo
-Open Settings
-Touch Synchronization
-Touch Service
-Enter you new user name

-Open Todo
-Click Todo > Preference from the menu bar
-Click the Synchronization Tab
-Click the Modify button
-Click Update
-Enter your credentials.


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