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[Windows] Windows app for Todo cloud

Todo Cloud is a fondamental for my life. With mi iBook and my iPhone I'm really happy but at work i need use windows and i need use web Todo. It's great but a dedicated application could be really better.

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Or a Chrome app/extension, for easy multiplatform support.

I find it strange we have so many standalone task apps for the Mac, but few for MS platforms (I believe Nirvana might be an exception, not to mention Outlook). Why?

I use Todo Cloud at work too. I use a Windows laptop at work, would be great if there was a Windows app or a Chrome extension at least.

There should be a Windows App or Some link from the desktop

Making a standalone windows app would be incredibly simple. I can not understand why one hasn't been created yet. I am paying appigo quite a bit of money for this service. I should be able to expect a feature such as this.

Get it done already.

 I would also be very happy to have a Windows app. It would be a great asset for my work.

I have already written about this issue, but as is said above in so many ways: WHY THE HELL ISN'T THERE A WINDOWS APPLICATION FOR TODO?

Appigo is really BLOWING IT by not addressing this critical issue. I is IGNORING a significant part of its user base.

The Web application is NO SUSBTITUTE for a dedicated Windows application. For one thing, it doesn't even have the same capabilities as the iOS app!! The Web application should be updated, as well, but again, there really isn't any good excuse for Appigo's not having developed and released a ToDo Windows application.

FIX IT, why don't you? Thank you.

I completely agree.   The web app is terrible but the phone app is great.  Unfortunately, I work on my windows pc all day.   Quite frankly, I may need to change to a differnt to do list application.

Please either get the web app up to the standard of the phone app or create a windows app.

"Please either get the web app up to the standard of the phone app or create a windows app."

Exactly. If the web app were really good, a local windows app might not be needed.

THis would be most helpful.  Please make Wndows app for desktop.


Is there any update on when the new web app will be complete?

One can not ignore the views of users. We ask that you have to do an application for Windows

Totally agree with Antonio.  A desktop TDO CLOUD widget that sits on the task bar is the way to go both for PC and Mac  Loading the website is an inconvenience, slow and outdated technology.  Take a look at the widget that Google Drive provides for PC and Mac.  There are already free TODO calendars that provide a free service using a desktop application that syncs with the Cloud and the iPad and iPhone.   I do not mind the annual fee provided is remains low, but by lagging back in the technology you are allowing competitors to steal all your clients.   I love TODO and have used it since it started.  I would not like to migrate elsewhere.


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