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[Windows] Windows app for Todo cloud

Todo Cloud is a fondamental for my life. With mi iBook and my iPhone I'm really happy but at work i need use windows and i need use web Todo. It's great but a dedicated application could be really better.

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Hi I just subscribed... as most people have said, the iOS app is great but the web app isn't and like others who have to use Windows at work, I have to rely on the web app. I do not mind the interface, but I DO mind the poor performance.

I heartily agree with the sentiments about the importance an app for Windows.  Has anyone heard of any plans to develop this?  If not, even though it would be a royal pain to move all my lists, I'm going to start exploring other options.  Any suggestions?

Hi Soo Beng, 

Could you shed some light on the performance issues you're having. We've not been able to reproduce this on our end. 

Also, as Kevin previously pointed out our development team is actively working on providing a refreshed UI to streamline all the new features and aesthetics of Todo Cloud 9 on iOS with the Web interface.



Hello Todo app team, I have been a loyal user since the beginning! Please, please consider a windows or  outlook app/plugin for your brilliant tool. See Todoist, their outlook plugin is effortless and if Todo had one it would let me mesh my work life and personal life tasks in one tool (which is a basic fundamental of any task management/completion methodology). Yes, I can use the browser to access the cloud based interface but  it is disassociated with my Calendar and eMail client (outlook) where I spend my day and where I imagine most of us who must use windows based pc's for work. As I said before, check out what your competitor Todoist is doing... yes they lack some of the robustness of your ios app but their ability to integrate just about anywhere is very likely to draw users away from Todo... don't let that happen!

Totally agree with Antonio.  A desktop TDO CLOUD widget that sits on the task bar is the way to go both for PC and Mac  Loading the website is an inconvenience, slow and outdated technology.  Take a look at the widget that Google Drive provides for PC and Mac.  There are already free TODO calendars that provide a free service using a desktop application that syncs with the Cloud and the iPad and iPhone.   I do not mind the annual fee provided is remains low, but by lagging back in the technology you are allowing competitors to steal all your clients.   I love TODO and have used it since it started.  I would not like to migrate elsewhere.


Yes!!! Windows and windows phone version as well.  Please.

I find it strange we have so many standalone task apps for the Mac, but few for MS platforms (I believe Nirvana might be an exception, not to mention Outlook). Why?

I also would like to have a Window app for ToDo!!

Thanks for the update.  A really good web interface would go a long way, but a Google Chrome extension would also be a great addition.    

Love the MAC version, please develop a Windows version too!

Agreed. I use sort of an old school app called MLO. It's amazingly powerful, but it's iPad and iPhone versions are clunky and awkward. I love to see a dedicated Windows app from you guys for ToDo Cloud.

I will add a vote for a windows app thanks

There should be a Windows App or Some link from the desktop

THis would be most helpful.  Please make Wndows app for desktop.


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