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[Windows] Windows app for Todo cloud

Todo Cloud is a fondamental for my life. With mi iBook and my iPhone I'm really happy but at work i need use windows and i need use web Todo. It's great but a dedicated application could be really better.

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Or a Chrome app/extension, for easy multiplatform support.

To my friends at Appigo. Seriously folks its time to listen to your fans. A windows based app should have immediately followed ios and Android. I too, love the program. What is the reason for your ignoring folks who wish to remain loyal...but for how long. Many people supported your decision to convert to a paid app. 

Someone from Appigo please respond on this thread.

I have already written about this issue, but as is said above in so many ways: WHY THE HELL ISN'T THERE A WINDOWS APPLICATION FOR TODO?

Appigo is really BLOWING IT by not addressing this critical issue. I is IGNORING a significant part of its user base.

The Web application is NO SUSBTITUTE for a dedicated Windows application. For one thing, it doesn't even have the same capabilities as the iOS app!! The Web application should be updated, as well, but again, there really isn't any good excuse for Appigo's not having developed and released a ToDo Windows application.

FIX IT, why don't you? Thank you.

I completely agree.   The web app is terrible but the phone app is great.  Unfortunately, I work on my windows pc all day.   Quite frankly, I may need to change to a differnt to do list application.

Please either get the web app up to the standard of the phone app or create a windows app.

 I would also be very happy to have a Windows app. It would be a great asset for my work.

Now, when porting your application to Windows (10) is easier than ever (, do you consider Todo (Cloud) for Windows to be more important in your tasks list?

I too work on a Windows machine.  I love this app but really need something on Windows.  Probably going to switch to something else as this is HUGE missing piece.

Like many others I am a dedicated Todo Cloud user. I use the iPhone and Mac apps. The browser version on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3, however, is sadly lacking. I'd happily pay for a native Windows 10 app.

 This is needed more than other items.

We have some very exciting updates in the pipeline which our team is working on. We're hoping to have a public beta of the update Todo Cloud Mac and Todo Cloud Web app available within a few months. 

There is definitely a need for a Windows standalone application.  The Web Interface is very clunky and does not offer all the functions of the iOS app.  For this reason I have moved away from ToDo.


+1 on a Windows app. I use ToDo Cloud, and it works OK, but a Desktop app would be great. Especially I would like to have a quick keyboard shortcut to add a new task to the Inbox.

It's really unfortunate that Appigo has deferred this in favor of a lack-luster, non-user friendly web tool that fails miserably in comparison to the MacOS native app.  Personal communication between myself and the Appigo staff indicate there are no plans to make a Windows App.  In fact, the plan is to roll out a web-based cloud solution "next month."  The unfortunate part of this is that internet access is not universal and that a web-based application is far from an ideal solution for many people.  A windows app would be more useful, but it seems the company does not want to invest in resources to develop a product requested by it's customers.  I for one am looking into alternatives.  Despite my current dependence on a GTD based tool, the lack of deliverability and versatility has resulted in much lost productivity.  Frankly, this is unacceptable.

Windows app is essential.  I am trying out ToDo and like the interface on ipad and mac better than Wunderlist, but at work I use Windows and must have Windows app (as does Wunderlist!)

Deciding on whether to add this by the number of votes from current users is a little silly. Those who would most want a Windows app  have chosen or will choose other apps supporting windows!  You have a select sample, dominated by non-windows users.  Add a windows app and you will get a lot more users for whom Windows is important!  if you don't commit to adding a windows app soon, I will go back to Wunderlist.

"Please either get the web app up to the standard of the phone app or create a windows app."

Exactly. If the web app were really good, a local windows app might not be needed.

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