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[Windows] Windows app for Todo cloud

Todo Cloud is a fondamental for my life. With mi iBook and my iPhone I'm really happy but at work i need use windows and i need use web Todo. It's great but a dedicated application could be really better.

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Now, when porting your application to Windows (10) is easier than ever (, do you consider Todo (Cloud) for Windows to be more important in your tasks list?

I too work on a Windows machine.  I love this app but really need something on Windows.  Probably going to switch to something else as this is HUGE missing piece.

This is such a big opportunity for Appigo. An universal app that launches with Windows 10 would blow the competition out of the water.


Is there any update on this? Really difficult to use the clunky web tool on windows.

Things like this are a huge show stopper and could force customers (including me) to move to other apps.


Thanks for reaching out. We are planning on rolling out a new web interface. Timeline is still being determined.

Best regards,


Thanks for the update.  A really good web interface would go a long way, but a Google Chrome extension would also be a great addition.    

Hi I just subscribed... as most people have said, the iOS app is great but the web app isn't and like others who have to use Windows at work, I have to rely on the web app. I do not mind the interface, but I DO mind the poor performance.

Hi Soo Beng, 

Could you shed some light on the performance issues you're having. We've not been able to reproduce this on our end. 

Also, as Kevin previously pointed out our development team is actively working on providing a refreshed UI to streamline all the new features and aesthetics of Todo Cloud 9 on iOS with the Web interface.



+1 on a Windows app. I use ToDo Cloud, and it works OK, but a Desktop app would be great. Especially I would like to have a quick keyboard shortcut to add a new task to the Inbox.

Like many others I am a dedicated Todo Cloud user. I use the iPhone and Mac apps. The browser version on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3, however, is sadly lacking. I'd happily pay for a native Windows 10 app.

We have some very exciting updates in the pipeline which our team is working on. We're hoping to have a public beta of the update Todo Cloud Mac and Todo Cloud Web app available within a few months. 

There is now a Windows Application for Appigo ToDo.  I've been using ToDo for several years, and it is a critical component of my GTD implementation for personal organization.  I primarily use the iOS app.  The OSX Application is nice and works well. The new Windows App is completely unusable.  It re-syncs every time as if it's the first time.  It crashes.  Please fix it.

Hi Tim, 

Are you using the latest version; version 10.4.0 of the Todo Cloud Windows app? 


I was trying to look up in the web but could not find any info. Does todo cloud allows integration with MS outlook i.e. can you sync the task between MS outlook and Appigo Todo?

I spent most of my day in Outlook and possibility of converting emails into tasks and putting sent email to waiting for list is critical.

Hi Dominik, 

Thank you for your question, Todo Cloud does not currently integrate with MS Outlook, however, we do have a feature request for this and I've added your vote to this request. 

Please however note that you can convert your emails into tasks by sending them to your Inbound Task Creation email address(requires a premium subscription) see our guide here:


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