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Edit Task Undo, Unstar, and other Minor Annoyances


I love ToDo!

However, on the Mac client I have a few annoyances.

Undo is broken inside the edit task dialog.  Clicking undo while editing a note for a to do item actually undos something in the background -- not good.

Also, when I paste a note in the box, it takes all of the text's formatting with it.  I can't "paste and match style" -- which means I have to copy it to a plain text editor first.  If you accidentally paste something with special fonts, it takes a while to find out how to change those fonts (by right clicking).

Lastly, clicking a star doesn't unstar an item.

I feel like perhaps Todo on Mac isn't given as much attention as the iOS versions.  But, I still like it.


When editing the body of the task, when I select the return key to jump to a new line, it automatically ends the edit session instead of allowing me to add an additional line. Any ideas?


Thanks for the feedback. We are planning to update the app and I've written down the things you mentioned to take a look at them. We are focusing right now on the iOS version but hope to cycle back to the Mac app soon.


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