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Task delegation

 Instead of sharing a list, it would be best to delegate a task to somebody.

Sharing means that the members will get to view and edit the tasks (all the tasks from the list). The members will also get all contexts and tags from the list. Sharing is good in some cases but task delegation would be better.

You assign a task to another user (you enter the email address)

This user will receive this task in his inbox. The task is his own until the Creator cancel it, reassign it, close it, ....

So the user can move it to the list he wants; he can use his own contexts and tags. Create subtasks of his own. Only the fields from the original task are shared.

When there is an update on the task from any party it should be highlighted in the other users list.



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Another easier way would that members can only view the tasks they have been delegated to.

Ie :

This because you might have in your list / project other topics you do not want to share with the others. 

I'm new to Todo, so I may be speaking out of ignorance here. I'd like to start by saying that I have been a user of Things for 4 years now, and only just now am switching to Todo due to the promise of collaboration and delegation. It seems there is a lot of potential for this in Todo, but it is not implemented to the fullest possible extent.

I'd like to see the following:

- Being able to filter the Focus list to excluded tasks delegated to others by default (IE a checkbox/pop-up menu in the preferences tab, not having to apply a filter), and/or be able to exclude things that are delegated to other people (so only seeing what is undelegated and what is applied to me)

- Have a list of members/collaborators/delegates, whatever you call them, on the left hand column side like tags, context and lists are, for easier viewing and 'tagging' people into tasks and projects
- be able to set someone up as a delegate, but not as a member/active user of Todo (so no email address/password, just a name I can assign work to), for example so I can compile over time a list for a 'minion' that doesn't use a computer for work and print it out for them, or just have a list for me to tell them what to do in the morning.
- be able to delegate tasks to myself by default when it is created

Along those lines, can we have a default setting for start date? I use start dates a lot more than I use due dates.

I am sure there are a few other opportunities to improve functionality here, but being new, I don't know what they are yet.

Sharing an entire "work" list with someone that you simply want to delegate a single (or a couple) task(s) with makes no sense to me.  

For example, why would I want to share my 100 work tasks with an assistant or secretary when I want them to see 1 or 2 or 3 things?  Wouldn't that just get their nose in my business?

Not being able to have delegates only see what they are supposed to see renders the delegation feature nearly useless.

brian, this is my dilemma, as the owner of a business. i don't want to share everything. lame. what i want is to go through my multitude of projects and tap each task or project to delegate it, and for only specific shared projects/tasks to be visible to delegatee (is that a word???)

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