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Keyboard shortcut keys

First off, I would like to say that this a very well done application. The simple design and function make it easy to use and a great tool.

That being said I would like to suggest a feature(s), keyboard shortcuts. For example it would be nice to have a shortcut key for the following functions:

1. Changing the priority of a highlighted task

2. Adding a tag to a task

3. "Starring" a task

4. Modifying Due Date.

As much as ToDo keeps me on point, I find that my workflow can change day to day forcing me to re-shuffle tasks and the associated priority.  So being able to re-organize my tasks with some shortcut keys would be a great help.

Thanks again for a great app.

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Also, a shortcut to edit a note would be great

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There's already a shortcut for modifying the date. You just touch the three parallel lines next to the calendar icon on the top of the screen. The check boxes turn to dots and the calendar appears. Scroll the calendar up or down until you can see the date you want to move the task(s) to. Select the task(s) you want to move and drag them to a date on the calendar.

I totally agree this software is fantastic.

I will be prefect for me if I can duplicate a task by only pressing "Command+D" on mac. 

How about one to open the app!

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