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Quick Inbox Processing (on Mac and iOS)

Right now, there's no fast way to process the Inbox when you have Sub-projects which drastically increases friction when entering a lot of items when on the road.  The text parsing has the potential to help but when I'm just dumping stuff into the Inbox (in standard GTD methodology!), I need a quick way to sort and move when I get to a place where I can process.

If I have a task in the Inbox, to move it to a sub project, I have some real choices to make.  I can drag it to the List but then I need to find it again *in* that list and drag it again.  That sucks.   

OR I can double click the task, get a List dropdown, choose the list, then do the "find the Inbox task ---  what was it called again? oh i got distracted and there is a floating task around now and I can't find it again"

A fairly easy solution would be to create a "sort/file/process" button or palette option.  When selected it brings up a list of target lists and, if the target list has sub projects, shows those as well, in a flat hierarchy.  Then the user selects the sub-project and the task is moved.

Whatever the solution, you need to reduce the number of double clicks, taps, drags, re-finds, etc to reduce friction as much as possible.  This product is *so close* in so many ways but I don't want to spend time mucking with it. I just need it to get stuff done fast!

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