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Todo 7: Slim Font used not good for focus

I love the font and Todo 7 in general. 

It looks great, but when glancing at list of tasks (especially on the larger iPad version) the font is so slim (there's so much white space ! ) that it loses focus.

If you look at the font type used for headers "High,Medium,Low Priority" that are a bit more bold.... that in my mind would be close to the ideal font displayed for all tasks.

2nd:  the priority symbols also fall into the same "Slim" fate.  Especially since they now default to the color of the list.  Example when a light color yellow is chosen for list color. I literally have to squint at the white space to look for the priority of a task.

.... my vision is 20/20, but I do see where Todo 6 had a bit more depth in displaying a task that jumps out at you vs the super slim fonts used in Todo 7.

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... just looking at the font used in this very forum.  Even though the topic headers here are a light blue, even the forum fonts are more visible compared to the font used in Todo 7.

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