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I paid for my To do in ipad, Iphone and cloud service, now for Mac and upgrade too?

Hi, I use to do software a lot, when I downloaded it I thought it was quite economical for the functionality that offers, though I thought that it would be for Ipad as well. Then I learned that if I wanted the Ipad version I had to pay for it and so I did, then I realised that if I wanted synchronization I had to pay for the service, and so I did. Now I need it to use it in my Mac so, do you offer it to your users for free? specially for the users who already paid for the apps in their mobile devices and the service. Another thing is, I'm quite disappointed about the fact that if I want to enjoy an upgrade to the IOS 7 to do pro I ALSO have to pay for it. it makes you wonder why so many people Jailbreak their phones. 

Unless Appigo offers some support on that, me and my friends who already invested will have to reconsider our subscription of the cloud and usage of the app itself.  

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Thanks for posting.  If you are a paid subscriber of Todo Cloud, you do not have to buy any of the client apps.  The Todo Cloud app for iOS and Todo Pro app for Mac are all free on the App Store.  They all come as part of the the Todo Cloud subscription.  The only difference between Todo 7 and Todo Cloud 7 is that Todo Cloud 7 only functions with a Todo Cloud subscription.  I hope that helps clear it up.

I see. if I stop the cloud subscription, then I would have to go back to my todo 6 or pay for my upgrades to a todo 7 (and 8, and 9, and so on ) right? 


That is correct as far as the upgrade to Todo 7 but doesn't mean there will be a paid upgrade to Todo 8, 9, etc.  Todo 7 was the first paid upgrade to the product since it was released, all other updates have been free.


I downloaded the To Do on my Ipad and today when I wanted to check my Email Notifications it said my Premium Account Expired and I need to upgrade my account.  I paid to do this and it downloaded I thought the upgrade but it still shows I need to Upgrade to Premium. Now you have my money and I have no upgrade How do I fix this ASAP

I have todo6 on my iPhone and my iPad.  How do I get it on my new MacBook Pro?  Do I purchase it separately in the App store,or is there another way?


If you are using Todo Cloud to sync Todo 6 between your iPhone and iPad you may install Todo Pro for Mac from the Mac app store. If you are using a different sync service you would need to purchase Todo for Mac from the Mac app store.



If you are experiencing difficulty with your subscription please email and they will be able to assist you.



I have Todo Premium for my iPhone and am now trying to download it for my mac.  From the above I see that it will be free to download but when i go to the app store for my mac it only give me the option to buy for 14.99.  Will it automatically charge my account or will it allow me to login and see my premium status once I download it.

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The free version that links with Todo Cloud is listed as Todo Pro for Mac in the Mac App store.


I currently have todo 6 and a paid subscription for todo cloud. For several months now, I keep getting a message to upgrade to todo 8 but when I click on it the message just goes away. 

In the app store it says todo 8 is $9.99. Do I need to purchase todo 8 or should it upgrade for free? 

If I do have to purchase it then how do I sync my list from todo 6. 

Hi Laura, 

Thank you for reaching out to the Appigo Support Team we've reviewed and  have answered your questions via the ticket you created. Please feel free to reply to us via the support ticket we've created for you. 

Have a great day. 

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